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UUS-L Mailing List FAQ and Archive

Here's information about UUS-L, the oldest UU discussion mailing list. Although frequently contentious, and a skewed intro to UUism, UUS-L is a great place for the thick-skinned to debate UU-related topics.

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Unitarian Universalists Journal

A LiveJournal community, also known as "chalice circle," for open conversation among Unitarian Universalists and others who are interested in discussing Unitarian Universalism.

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The soc.religion.unitarian-univ Newsgroup

This site describes soc.religion.unitarian-univ, the Unitarian Universalist Usenet newsgroup. (See also alt.religion.unitarian-univ, the unmoderated newsgroup.)

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The International Unofficial Unitarian Jihad

A LiveJournal community, formed in response to a humorous article by columnist Jon Carroll, that consists of Unitarian Universalists and like-minded people who are interested in social issues, activism, and humor.

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