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The Cult of the Dark Mater popular

This group speaks about the Dark Mother Mysteries. We address tantra, Shakti initiations, healings of past traumas, chakra realignment, Divine Union, Sacred Sex, and other Goddess Mysteries. We also have a resident Oracle who reads all oracular tools, and offers healing to those in need. All are welcome to contribute their insight.

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Psychic Reading Skills: Live Psychic popular

Get psychic reading people at Live Psychics. They possess the ability to use extrasensory perception. Psychics use a technique known as psychometry, where they are able to acquire information about a person who is not physically present.

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Om Astrology popular is a web portal for astrological services for various matters like education, career, business, health, love, marriage, children and other aspects & events of human life. We follow ancient Vedic Astrology and all predictions are based on moon sign.

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Feng Shui Master popular

Feng Shui Consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Provides Feng Shui consulting services for residential and commercial properties.

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Love Spells popular

Love Spells for all, lost love spells, binding spells, soul mate spells, rekindle lost love and more, spell casting services for all the problems relation to Love.

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Guardian Angel Hotline popular

This site is about Guardian Angel and how they help and save Earth people.

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Magic Spells popular

Offering Magic Spells for Love and Money, White Magic Spells, Talismans and Charms, also information on witchcraft and wicca available.

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Zodiac Signs Astrology popular provides detailed information about 12 zodiac signs of astrology like character descriptions and Personality Traits of an individual.

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Vedic Astrology Reading popular

Remarkable Indian Astrology & horoscope readings as per ancient Vedic astrology system from Vedic astrologers of India.

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Serenity Beach popular

Online spiritual retreat for encouragement, healing, spiritual growth.

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Belief System Selector popular

Online questionnaire that rates religions by their compatibility with your beliefs.

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