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Webmasters will help your website to grow popular.
Every website submitted to ParaSeek has its own optimized page! This means, that even if your website is not friendly with search engines, you will get on the top positions in all the leading search engines by the help of detail page. The Only thing you need to do to correctly submit your website is to write a keyword rich description and title of your website and submit it into relevant category. Do not submit one link to more categories with the same description (Google does not like this)

We want to make your website popular, but we are not able to do it without the cooperation of all the submitters who place reciprocal link, or banner on their websites. Cooperation is important. is here since 1998 and thanks to all the fair play submitters and fans PARAseek is one of the largest and most popular paranormal database.

Having link, will also benefit to all the visitors of your website.

Please create back link and description on your site the way you want, so it is useful for your visitors. You can point the backlink to index page, or any other category which can be more beneficial to visitors of your site.


Attention Please! Your site may be harmed and penalized by Google!
Listen carefully! Previously big number of money making SEO management companies created backlinks with program for automatic submission to hundreds of directories. Now those links are not very helpful for Google. The reason is very simple and it is called “double content filter”. In other words nothing is more wrong than posting many links on different sites with exactly same content.
There is nothing like bad site to have link on, it is only problem with double content filters newly used by Google.
So if you want to help your sites take this in consideration:
Do not submit one link to more categories with the same description.
Do not use short description (short description means 4 to 10 words)
Do not use SEO programs to submit your link to many different directories with the same description.

If your site has been penalized by Google already, do not waste your time and money on removing all the bad links or changing the descriptions. This is never going to work. (so far only Google has the double content filters) The SEO companies are expensive you and you will just spend more money for nothing. Removing links or changing the descriptions on all the directories is impossible. I don’t know of anyone who actually fixed site that has been penalized by Google. Simple way is to leave the old site on (for other search engines except Google), create new site with new domain, link to the new site from the old one and building back links for the new site carefully one by one.