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The Julian Society

A non-denominational religious order dedicated to the restoration of paganism envisioned by the emperor Julian.

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Saturnalia - A Winter Solstice Ritual

This ritual compresses the Consualia (for Consus, God of the Storage Bin), the Saturnalia (for Saturn, God of Sowing), and the Opalia (for Ops, Goddess of Plenty) into a single festival, a Brumalia, or Winter Solstice (Bruma) ritual.

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Religio Romana

The Religio Romana is the pre-Christian religion of Rome. Sometimes called "Roman Paganism", modern practice the Religio Romana is an attempt to reconstruct the ancient faith of Rome as closely as possible, making as few concessions to modern sensibilities as possible.

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Collegium Religionis Societatis Viae Romanae

Dedicated to the study and practice of the Religio Romana, emphasizing the most recent historical research into the Religio Romana and other pagan traditions that influenced it.

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