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Mutual Aid Association

Provides insurance protection for Brethren. Members or regular attendees of a Church of the Brethren, Dunkard Brethren, Brethren Church, Old Order German Baptist Brethren, German Baptist Brethren, Grace Brethren and other traditionally Brethren related churches are eligible for insurance.

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Honors to Alexander Mack

Interpretation of the life and thought of Alexander Mack, founder of the Brethren Church, Church of the Brethren, Grace Brethren, and other Brethren groups.

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Dunkard Brethren Church

History, beliefs, and church locations of this small group. Churches are predominantly in the Midwest.

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Brethren Groups

Basic, non-theological outline of all the religious groups using the word Brethren in their denominational label.

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