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Watch Madonna Debut 'Ghost Town' on French TV Without Falling - SPIN

Last week during the BRIT Awards, Madonna took a tumble while performing "Living For Love." Tonight in Paris, as part of the music show Le Grand Journal, the pop star maintained her balance and also debuted Rebel Heart track "Ghost Town" for the first ...

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Vice News: Russia's ghost army in Ukraine - Kyiv Post

A Russian flag flies near Russian-backed militants sitting atop a 2S1 Gvozdika (122-mm self-propelled howitzer) as a convoy of pro-Russian forces takes a break as they move from the front line near the eastern Ukrainian city of Starobeshevo in Donetsk ...

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There's a Lot of Spirit At School for Psychics - Wall Street Journal

Ms. Grist, a 66-year-old who says she has been communicating with the deceased for decades, explained the goal of psychic “reading” to a dozen first-time students from Europe, Asia and North America. Psychics mustn't depress or frighten, she said, with ...

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The 7 Least Plausible Solutions To The Fermi Paradox - io9

One of the greatest conundrums to face humanity is the question of extraterrestrial life. Many explanations have been posited over the years to explain why we have yet to make first contact, some better than others. Here are seven of the weakest ...

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Not so simple 'Simon': Compelling psychic drama explores human relationships - Boston Herald

The play opens a decade into the relationship between Professor Williston (Ken Baltin) and James (Anthony J. Goes), a young psychic who channels an enigmatic, omniscient spirit called Simon. The professor has become a father-figure to the troubled ...

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Movies ask: Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence? - SFGate

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” some egghead told the BBC in December. That Stephen Hawking, what does he know? He's the guy who said that if extraterrestrials come to Earth, they might be here ...

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Joice Mujuru rejects Mugabe claims of bare-breasted witchcraft rituals - Times LIVE

In a speech at his party in Victoria Falls on Saturday, Mugabe claimed Mujuru performed witchcraft rituals bare-breasted. He claimed she had 10 chickens slaughtered, one for each of the Zanu-PF officials she wanted to kill. Mugabe and his wife Grace ...

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Is this Walt Disney's ghost? CCTV footage of spooky figure 'walking on water ... -

This footage could have captured the moment Walt Disney's ghost roams through his beloved theme park after everyone has gone home. The ghostly light appears to be in the shape of a human, and can be seen gliding across four different CCTV screens as ...

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Ghost Adventures' Jay Wasley – Exclusive Interview - Dread Central

One of best and brightest stars in this season of “Ghost Adventures” has been Jay Wasley, and now that he is an official part of the crew, we figured we'd sit down with him and get the skinny on all the spooky! In terms of how his involvement with ...

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Four charged with murdering albino woman and for black magic rituals in Tanzania - Daily Mail

There are fears of more murders ahead of an election later this year because of the risk that some politicians could turn to witchcraft to improve their chances. The demonstrations have been triggered by the abduction and suspected murder of two albino ...

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Former skeptic forms paranormal investigation group - Clovis News Journal

Since then, Conner has formed his own investigation group called Grave Concerns Paranormal, part of the statewide New Mexico Paranormal Association. “Here's the deal,” Conner said. “A lot of people watch stuff on TV and they think everybody is like the ...

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Albino Toddler in Africa Killed for Witchcraft - Discovery News

A toddler named Yohana Bahati was abducted from his home in northern Tanzania on Feb. 14, taken by two men armed with machetes. Police were called and fears were immediately raised because of the child's rare genetic disorder, albinism. The condition ...

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