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Is this a spooky Snapchat ghost staring through the window of teenage girl's ... -

A teenage girl was sending a picture to her pal, but what seems to appear behind her in the image will have you questioning whether ghosts exist. Grainne Dowdall's sister Sinead explained that the 14-year-old was just sending a standard picture to her ...

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Etan Patz's accused killer used to see ghost, daughter says - New York Daily News

The man accused of strangling 6-year-old Etan Patz was paranoid and talked about seeing a ghostly “lady in white” and a menacing “bald man” who tried to choke him, his daughter testified Monday. Becky Hernandez, 25, was teary at times when describing ...

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Dec 16 gangrape: After Ram Singh's suicide, his ghost haunts his colony - Hindustan Times

While Ram has turned a ghost for the locals, Mukesh has lost the last iota of sympathy that was discreetly displayed for him behind the closed doors. There were some who believed Singh was only driving the bus on the night of December 16 while the rest ...

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6 Famous Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities - History

Abandoned ruins are usually associated with ancient cities like Pompeii or Machu Picchu, but many 19th and 20th century settlements were also left to rot after natural disasters, wars or economic depressions forced their residents to flee. These ghost ...

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'Ghost the Musical' takes popular story to the other side - Daily Herald

“It's an interesting piece that has never been done at Hale before,” said Chris Clark, director of “Ghost” and chair of Utah Valley University's theater department. “It's pretty new to just about everybody, and that's one of the things that really ...

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Top ten paranormal sightings - including Bigfoot spotted in Kent - Kent News

From ghosts roaming secluded parks at night, to UFOs to mysterious creatures stalking through forests, we round up ten of the best paranormal sightings in the county. 1. Bigfoot spotted in Tunbridge Wells - November 2012. Claims abounded that a strange ...

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Sumner ghost hunters find new haunts in second season - The Tennessean

A group of Sumner County ghost hunters will be returning to national TV next month as crews follow them on the first of more than a dozen new paranormal investigations across the county. The second season of “Ghost Asylum” featuring the Tennessee ...

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Spain's 'Ghost Villages' are the Hot New Retirement Destination - Curbed National

As of January 2015, the unemployment rate in Spain had climbed to 24%, causing thousands of Spaniards to flee their homes in search of work elsewhere, leaving entire villages (small ones, at least) on the market for as little as £50,000 (~$75,000.) Now ...

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Sony Sets Up 'Ghostbusters'-Branded Production Banner Ghost Corps - Variety

With its female-centric “Ghostbusters” set to bow next summer, Sony is now looking to find other ways to capitalize on the franchise by creating the production company Ghost Corps, which will spawn a “Ghostbusters” universe through branding ...

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My ghost will haunt you: Indonesian death row inmate to be killed with Bali ... - Sydney Morning Her

Betrayed by his country's legal system, his family ruined, Zainal Abidin has vowed his execution will release his "restless soul" to haunt those responsible for the injustice he says has destroyed his life. The only Indonesian among the 10 condemned ...

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Muslim Country that Prosecutes Witchcraft Hosts “Museum of the Future” - FrontPage Magazine

The future in the Muslim world is a lot like the past, but with even more beheadings. Let's head on over to sunny Dubai where there are lots of tall skyscrapers built by slave labor, but no sewer system for them so that waste has to be removed from ...

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Michelle's Music presents: The Outer Vibe - Sandusky Register

You can see the waves crashing along the shore, you can feel the hot sun beating down. You cheers your solo cups with extraterrestrials and listen to music floating through the air. What band is playing at this party? The Outer Vibe. Hailing from Grand ...

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