Halifax, MA   
    I recently did an investigation for a family located in Halifax, Massachusetts, along with two of my most trusted team members. Lisa Pontonio, from Weymouth, and Lisa Curren, from Somerset, Helped me and the family in question to determine that their dwelling was in fact consumed with paranormal activity.

    The town of Halifax has a certain country feel to it due to the dimly lit streets and houses set back into the wooded landscape. This was my first time in Halifax and I'm sure it won't be my last. We arrived at approximately 7:30 pm and were greeted by Linda,(not her real name) whom I had spoken with several times on the telephone days earlier. This lady was extremely pleasant and well spoken. As we walked into the house and sat at the kitchen table, we were introduced to Linda's son, daughter in-law, and two adorable grand children. After filling out the necessary paperwork, setting up our tape recorder, and focusing the video camera, we were ready to begin our investigation into this supposed "haunted house". 

    Linda did most of the talking, telling us stories that would make any normal human being think they were going insane. On several occasions, different persons in the house have seen apparitions. The apparitions seem to be that of an older man and a young girl, both of which do not seem to look very happy. I rattled off some basic investigative questions and pondered in my head what the "logical" explanation could be to these happenings. As the tape recorder rolled, Lisa Pontonio took over the interview while Lisa Curren Jotted notes, and tried to dig a little bit deeper into these strange events. "Do you mind if I take a look around and snap some pictures?" I asked as I rose from my chair, feeling just a little bit uneasy about what I may uncover. As I took my first few steps from the chair in which I had been sitting, a loud, startling bang came from above the curio cabinet directly to my left. "Oh, that's a normal occurrence," said Linda with a grin. I knew this was going to be an interesting experience. Linda's son accompanied me downstairs while i set up the tripod for the video camera. The basement was under construction due to the major amounts of rain we had received the week before. I began taking emf readings in the laundry room and Linda's bedroom, which is also, located downstairs. I did get some faint emf readings in the laundry room but nothing that alarmed me. After snapping some pictures and snooping around for a while, we then headed upstairs to finish the investigation. After all of the stories and eyewitness accounts, I decided to complete the investigation.

    We arrive home at around 11:00 pm and started sorting through our notes. I went upstairs to review the pictures I had snapped, while Lisa P. and Lisa C. studied the video. I was a bit disappointed with the results of the pictures, as well as the video footage. Our last attempt was with the tape recording of the interview. When we listened to the tape, our jaws dropped. During our conversations, you could hear short phrases in the background spoken with a mans voice, unlike anyone's in the room. When Linda told us about how things disappear regularly in the house I asked, "Do they ever come back?" Just then you can hear the voice whisper, "they never come back." Ladies I said, Looks like we have some evp's to review. We studied the first side of the tape and found several comments made by this mystery guest. Now I know why we didn't get any good footage in the downstairs, It was because this spirit in question was upstairs sitting in on our interview.

    We are still in contact with Linda and her family and will be visiting again soon. Linda is a strong willed person and I'm sure she will be ok through all of this. I will keep people updated on the status of this case at In the meantime, we will be researching Linda's case and hope to close it on a positive note soon. è To all of the ghost hunters, take your time and be patient, results will come with perseverance. And to all of the skeptics, I hope you may someday take the evidence that the Massachusetts Ghost Hunters Society has placed before you, and just keep an opened mind. Be safe everyone.

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