Welcome to Paraseek's investigation area.  Paraseek is devoted to spreading the word about real life paranormal locations and promoting factual investigations of these locals.  Follow the exploits of the following individuals, groups and organizations as they try to find their own answers.  Make sure to check back often for new adventures and haunts.

As a point of reference, the following parties are not affiliated with Paraseek and maintain these areas through the kindness of their own hearts.  Subject matter was not written by the owners of Paraseek. 

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Scott Golz & the Ghost Hunter Society

The Massachusetts Ghost Hunters Society's goal is to investigate, document, and report any paranormal activity effecting a certain area. Their responsibilities include: taking pictures, recording evp's(electronic voice phenomenon),measuring electro magnetic fields, and video taping with an infrared video camera.   Many people are skeptical of life after death and the M.G.H.S. is documenting activity to try and prove the idea that life does exist after our demise from our bodies.  [email them]

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Seven Paranormal Research

Seven Paranormal Research and Investigation is a not for profit group based in central North Carolina.   Membership is currently made up of business owners, professionals, researchers, and a clergy affiliate.  We 'specialize' in hauntings and have worked strongly in research, photography and EVP.  Membership is currently open to those serious about this field and willing to do the work to learn.  Investigations are without charge and are always interested in haunted locations. [email them]

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(explore) Historic North Carolina Church

The Weaver's

Kelly Weaver is a psychic, paranormal investigator and dear friend of Paraseek, who has experienced the spirit world as long as she can remember.  She has appeared in many local / regional television segments and recently worked as the psychic consultant for an upcoming episode of MTV's  Fear (tm).  Her husband assists me with investigations, documenting evidence of hauntings using still and video cameras, thermal scanners, EMF detectors and other instruments.  To eliminate possibilities that normal events can be misconstrued as paranormal ones, he follows the standards and protocols of the International Ghost Hunters Society when taking photos. [email them | Listen to Kelly and John on their new Live Webcasts ]

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