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Caprica Launches Early with DVDs in Tow
When word came that the second half of Caprica's first season was going to be delayed until January 2011, well, we weren't too pleased. The first half of the season was a "starting point" to be sure, however, we all know how Ronald Moore and the team works. The beef isn't until later and Caprica could have benefited from a straight run of all 20 eps.

Apparently some one upstairs realized their mistake, because out of the blue season 1.5 was moved to October, and gotta tell you episode one was fantastic. Critics are nailing it to the wall, and at Paraseek we think it was the single best episode yet. So watch, frakkin watch.

As part of the launch, the first half of the season is in stores on DVD and for anyone who has not seen the series, it is of course a must own. The unrated version puts a little more light on the pilot, and SYFY was nice enough to include the original version as well. Then again, the pilot is two years old. Commentary as usual from the Ron Moore team is fantastic. They never hold back. Is the DVD set a must own? Well ... we would like to receive word from SYFY that there will be a series two before we devote ourselves, so the word is still out on that one. But at least we don't have to wait till 2011 for these!

Will Potter Save Universal From Itself
Harry has taken flight at Universal Studios "The Wizarding World". What we have seen has been impressive, by far the most detailed single area of any park in existance and that is saying something seeing Disney's track record. Moving pictures, a train (albeit locked in position), the Gryffindor common room, etc. It is all fantastic. But as the old saying goes, if the black box always survives a crash, why don't you make the plane out of the black box. Should the project have been even larger in scope. WW kind of makes the other areas of the park look bad.

Universal's ticket numbers in respect to Disney are down and there are days you can go in there and lines are tame. They should never be tame. Will Harry Potter fans have to go back 2-3 times (the magic number being three or more) just to see the Harry Potter area. With the recent rise in ticket prices, we say no. The trend with Universal seems to be if you have seen it, why see it again. It is "event entertainment" and that doesn't really work in the long-term. Do we really need another roller coaster at Universal? Not really. The casual fan who does not visit Universal will likely not go there more than 2 times just to see Harry Potter because Islands of Adventure is not made for children and that is what Orlando is made of, kids.

We have two trips to Orlando planned in the next year and both of them involve just Disney. Once you spend money on a Magic Your Way pass at Disney, we don't want to shell out an extra $200 just to see Harry. Do you?

Still, we can't wait for them to make us wrong.

Atlantis Witnesses UFO Event
Atlantis recently came into contact with several objects during live NASA TV. It is not known what they were (craft, space jumk, satelites in orbit), but what is known is that the crew onboard was concerned more than mission control, which really isn't fair in our opinion. They are ordered toward the end of the clip to return to inspecting the shuttle, an order they obviously do not want to carry out.

Note one object spinning (which would denote it was standard junk). The others do not.

Shuttle Scrapping Will Cost NASA More Than Constellation
What is the rush? Nasa is almost a year away from retiring the shuttles and on the verge of throwing all of its money at an untested Constellation program which capabilities are Apollo-like.

Without a doubt, Constellation will run into so many cost over-runs (and maybe eventually will be scrapped) that it would have been wiser to just continue the shuttle program. When you try to save money you end up spending more money. Meanwhile you finally have a shuttle fleet with set safety standards that is performing well, have a good fleet with 10-15 years left of use, and you throw that out?

It all came to a boil with the latest Hubble mission in which it was said "If anything goes wrong, it would probably be the end of the shuttle program". I think some people at NASA think they are running a bus company instead of a space program. There are risks in space, people ARE going to die. That does not mean you scrap things. These are test pilots, they understand that. Would the moon program have been shutdown if a test pilot died? Oh, I forgot, that did happen, and we went on. We improved. We did it in their name.

NASA doesn't need a new ship more than it needs to get its balls right and start acting like its founders intended. There is life on Mars, why in hell are we not trying to get there as fast as possible? Is it not important anymore?

MUFON Database Now Online
You can keep track of up-to-the-minute UFO sightings and images now on the new MUFON database page,
click here.

Infinitus Potter Conference Ramps Up
As many of your know, we were delighted to cover the Wiching Hour in Salem during 2005 and we wanted to pass on news of the latest major Potter gathering slated for July 2010 in Orlando. Produced by the same people who made the witching hour and Portus, this will coincide with the opening of Universal Orlando's new Harry Potter park. Not only that but word is that the organizers are working directly with Universale to connect the conference and the park launch.

It is suggested that all interested get reservations as soon as they are available as this is sure to be the most indepth and popular conference to date. Infinitus information.

Are there a Ghosts in Your Garden? Check Again.
Does it have rows of blade-like teeth? It is all white? Lastly, does it look like a whale? Then your garden is haunted. English scientist recently found a new species of slug that is totally blind and feasts on worms. What a wonderful thing to think of next time you are planting. The thriving new species is expanding its territory and its only a matter of time before it reaches the Americas. [

No Gas Shortage...What Da Hell
Peak-oil, no we don't think so. Ask your parents how it was in the 70's when there were lines to get gas. Have you seen a line? Have you been turned away? The fact of the matter is the $3-4 gas prices we are experiencing are all virtually inflated. Oil is worth exactly what it was 4 years ago, but traders are pumping up the price for no apparent reason.

What's driving up the prices? Speculation. A few key people on Wall Street are raising the prices, creating a virtual shortage. Yes demand is up, but production is matching demand. Furthermore, alternative energy is helping. If anything oil prices should be dropping currently.

Forcasts predict a return to $100 a barrel oil by the end of the year, but we don't buy that. Not unless oil prices are regulated and no one in the White House is going to do that.

1000 Ways to Die
Who hasn't thought of the ways they would NOT want to die. Fire, water, those are our big fears here. We are all fascinated with death and our own mortality. Just how many ways are there to die? Spike TV, the good people that brought us MXC, are going to fill us in.

You'll be unable to turn away when Spike presents "1000 Ways To Die" starting May 14th, a two part special presentation. Created by Thom Beers, who's behind the popular series "The Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery Channel, 1,000 Ways to Die is a show about people who died stupid, avoidable deaths or otherwise met an untimely demise. Sounds is.

The two-part special tells true stories of actual deaths and recreates them through acting, colorful narration and CGI, along with the commentary of pathologists, toxicologists, and other forensic experts. This is what the TIVO was made for. Hmmm..wonder if there is a way to die by TIVO. I am sure they will show us.

Part one premieres May 14th and two a week later with encores throughout the month. Thanks Spike, this is the coolest thing since Ghost Hunters!

Orlando Theme Park Halloween Reviews
Where do you spend your Halloween bucks in Orlando? Where do you bring the kids and which park is just too darn scary. We've got you covered. Every major theme park reviewed to the gills. Who made the cut?

The answer to who ultimately wins the ribbon may surprise you as it did us, as our staff brings you a whirlwind tour of Orlando's finest: Disney, Sea World, Universal Studios. (our park review special)

If you have an event in Orlando or New England that you still want covered this Halloween season please contact us ASAP to let us know about it!

Ghost Town Sells on Ebay!
A lucky ebay winner made the bid of life-time, purchasing an entire Ghost Town on ebay recently. The 3 million dollar bid gives the winner the rights to a dance hall, general store and more. No word if there are actually any ghosts.The Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June in the most successful cyber attack on the US defence department, say American ­officials. (
article continued here)

Rowling's Got the Seven Year Itch (Talked More Harry Yet Again)
The door may be closed on the world of Harry Potter, and those creating encyclopedias slapped with lawsuits, but don't throw away your text books too soon children. JK has made it clear in several reports (
here and more recently here at the white house) that she is considering an 8th full book based on some side story in the Harry Universe.

Will JK really put down her pen on Harry for good. We increasingly think not. Her children have been pushing here hard lately for more Harry and she did state very clearly that the only reason for a break was for her children. We also believe that as time goes on, JK is having a hard time coming to grips with all the data that she left out of her stories. Her mind continued to turn.

Personally we would love to see a prequel of sorts on the first wizard war and Harry's family. Maybe some day she'll allow third party scripting and a series ala George Lucas who is finally allowing others to write cannon with projects such as Clone Wars and the coming live action series. We can only hope. The question is, will she let the whole franchise die, once again ala George Lucas (who did the above too late). There are plenty of paths still in place for Harry if she wants him to take them.

China Bans Ghosts, No Not Kidding
China has gone, well nuts. In there continued effort to get ready for the Olympics games, they have banned video and audio with ghosts or supernatural content. Because you know, ghosts are very good at track and field. (
article continued here)

France to Release UFO Evidence!
When you think space you think France, right? Common admit it. Ok, despite that, if reports are accurate, France's Space Agency plans to release over 30 years of UFO evidence and reports on the web. If this happens, it would be one of the largest releases of UFO information anywhere.

The planned date of launch (if it happens at all) is unknown but it is likely to be made part of this website. Stay tuned.

New, Upload Your Ghost Photos
We have reworked our gallery system and cleaned house. Feel free to register and
upload your personal ghost photos to share with the world in our new gallery.

Paraseek Attacked on Iraq News
We got a series of concerned notes as to why we are covering the Iraq war. And that Paraseek should stay out of politics. We see nothing normal with what is going on with the Middle East. We are living in PARAnormal times. Inside of a book. The only question is, what will the last page say.

We are not republican or democrat. To be critical of government and to follow the checks-and-balances of such is to be American. If they are not being followed, then people need to be held accountable. It is as simple as that. To live in a world where all of this is happening, well, that my friends is Paranormal. We would recommend the following links: ANTI-WAR RADIO and the Iraq War Casaulty Counter.

Pretend You're Us, Only Tiny Lawsuits, Promise! :
For the first time we've got our official press cap for sale. It's the same cap we wear to the conventions and to media events to prove that we do indeed have too much time on our hands. You can too...check out the logo store for this and other stuff. Look totally hot like us :)

Need Help With A Haunting: ParaSEEK Offers a Hand
As many know ParaSEEK is a free resource to gather information on Paranormal groups, but we have found some don't know where to go or what to do in the cases of hauntings. That is why we are beginning a new initiative to help out those who need help.

Through this new program, we will review any haunting cases that you may have experienced, and if possible refer you to the proper local organization that can help you. It is our experience that a organization is more likely to take you seriously if you are referred by another organization. And that is where we come in.

If you have a problem please assemble a VHS video tape or DVD of your situation. Introduce yourself and explain your problem in detail, give us video of the building and enterior. And if you can document what is happening and get it on the tape it will make your case better. We will be accepting these tapes starting now. Please postal mail them in only, no email. Our address is listed in the media contact section of the site. Thanks and we hope we can help some in need out there. Note: tapes will not be returned and do become the property of ParaSEEK. Make sure to include a cover letter!

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EVP's: The Holy Grail For Hunters? :
With the release of the film White Noise a lot is being said about the concept of EVPs (Electronic voice phenomena), instances where ghostly human voices are recorded on digital and analog recording devices. The kicker attatched to this topic is that EVPs are not heard until after playback, which means if you are in the room with a recorder and hear nothing, you may hear something later.

Theories abound for how this works, however, the most likely explanation is that ghosts are able to affect magnetic fields which would relay to sound equipment. Or it may just be random static. In any event, how does one record an EVP? We found this great guide. Remember, use fresh tapes (and make sure they are not recycled) if you use analog, and always use a high quality external mike. The higher the quality of the mike, the harder it is to explain away the EVP.

Yellowstone Priming to Destory the U.S. (Really) :
With all the talk of tital waves and asteroids, there is another miracle of nature that has us asking once again, how and the heck are we still here anyways: Yellostone National Park, or should we say super volcano.

No you can't see it if you visit the park. You can't even see it if you fly over the park. There is no cone because its so big it creates something called a Caldera (depression in the earth) over the span of miles. This is not science fiction. Yellowstone is sitting on top of a volcano 1000 times as destructive as Mount St. Helens that is nearing its cycle of eruption. The blast would likely wipe out several states and cripple the United States, possible forever. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

For more information on this fascinating geological formation that will one day kill us all ( :0 ) visit Super Volcano Yellowstone or visit the National Geographic Channel website.

Siberian Hole into Hell :
Do you want to listen to hell? In the 1990's it was reported that a extreme deep drilling team in Siberia broke through the Earth's crust. There were several anomolies present, including a very high temperature. To correlate these anomolies, the team lowered a microphone down and here is what they heard. Just a warning. There is no turning back once you click. Reportedly only 17 seconds of the audio exists.

This story has circled through fact, throguh fiction, through the media and through church circles. What do you think? Whether you think its bogus or not, it will still send a few chills up your spine. (more data on the event)

Downslope of Oil Production Means End of the World :
It may not be today. It may not be for a while. But the fact of the matter is that we are an oil requiring society. 95% of food comes from it. Transportation, commerce, employment, technology are stem from it. And as much as we continue to look to hybrid type solutions, the fact remains that the earth does not produce more oil. There is an end. And some people do know when that end is.

Recently, we became intriqued by this subject on a visit to It is not as easy as switching to a new type of power. Hydrogen, even H20 power is coming along slowly, however, without oil we do not have the means to create these new power sources. Anyone that has children should be interested in this. This is not SCIFI. The clock is ticking. (please sound off on this important topic).

Ghost Hunting 101 :
Ghost hunting can be an expensive or inexpensive endeavor (yep, inexpensive).  It all depends how much you want to spend.  Investigators have shown significant results with equipment which is very affordable, so don't let pricing discourage you.  Truth be told, you can document and detect ghosts and spirits with a variety of items.  Of course the more you have the better, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

Take a moment a to visit our new enhanced ghost hunting guide and resource center, filled with tips and gadgets that you need to enter the field of ghost hunting. We've also got new links to little known reference books. And a tip on these great books: They usually don't stay in print for long for some reason, and its a shame because they are rare, excellent material.

Would you survive a nuclear blast? :
If a bomb is detonated near a local city, would you survive the blast? You can speculate all you want or you can literally find out. presents a rather enlightening nuclear bomb mapping solution. Simply enter your address and the power of the bomb (ie a small carried device or a mega-warhead) and bang...see the damage. Maybe that cheaper housing out in the woods isn't such a bad idea. Just make sure Uncle Sam hasn't built a bunker or silo next to your pride and joy. And all this talk does beg the question: If a bomb was detonated near you, would you even want to survive? It may be better to live at ground zero.

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