Only URLs that are dedicated to Paranormal topics are allowed on this search engine.  This includes extreme sciences, alternative religion and extreme space research.  Entering a site here which does not relate to the Paranormal sciences is a violation.  Commercial sites are welcome here but they must use an enhanced listing. Free listings are available but absolutely look over the enhanced listing first because it is cheap and astronomically beneficial.

ENHANCED VS KEYWORD OWNERSHIP: Before you choose your listing type below, make sure to read over the benefits of each listing. With an enhanced listing, your listing automatically gets in the top 15% of all relevant search results. That means on average you get much more quality traffic for months and months! And that is just the beginning of the benefits. With the keyword ownership listing, you get the benefits of an enhanced listing PLUS you get to target any specific keyword you want and be #1 at that position automatically! 
Enhanced Listing
The enhanced listing offers an instant promotion opportunity for you on the search engine.  With it, you are lifted to the TOP 15% of all relevant search results.  This means you leave the other 85% in the dust and won't be buried by other listings.

  • Instant listing wait time
  • No reciprical link-back required.
  • Stays active for a 12 full months!
  • Less than $1.25 a month!!!
  • Renews automatically!
  • Permanent Listing ID: YES
  • Customer support for your listing
  • Results displayed on our link partner
    sites such as, gothicmatch,, theghostgateway, etc.

  • Cost: $13.98 for a whole year! (special: normally $19.99)
    Free Listing (Standard Listing)
    The free (standard) listing is our free option.  You should consider the enhanced listing above first, because enhanced listings appear on the search engine results before standard listings.

  • Listing activation: up to a 30 day staff review period
  • Reciprical link-back or banner required and this will be checked WEEKLY.
  • Stays active for approximately six months.
  • Permanent Listing ID: NO
  • No sites on free hosts (such as yahoo or geocities)
  • No commercial sites

  • Cost: free
    Keyword Ownership
    This first-come-first-serve service allows you the exclusive right to own any keyword or keyword phrase you want on the search engine.  That means that you are always #1 on every search users make throughout our network!

    For instance, if you choose keyword ghost, then every search a user did for ghost or ghosts (or any corresponding phrase) would bring you up as the #1 listing. 

  • Content must be relevant and we reserve the right to refuse an ad
  • No reciprical link-back required.
  • First-come-first serve
  • Instant #1 ranking on our engines

  • Cost: $19.98/month
    Real time, secure internet billing provided securely by our parent company, WEBster Computing Services