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The Demon Hunter Society popular

Pastor Checker has been a Christian for 48 years. He holds the title of Ordained Minister, which he earned from The National Association of Christian Ministers, and as well, is an associate member of the Forensic Parapsychology Association. As a member of the FPA, Pastor Checker is certified as a Paranormal Investigator as well as a Parapsychologist. Pastor Checker has studied Demonology, as well as the Bible for numerous years. He is currently working towards his Doctoral in Christian Counseling from The Institute of Christian Works. On another note: Pastor Checker has been given the gift of discernment of spirits from the Holy Spirit, enabling him to recognize the presence of demons, and he has been given the authority from God the Father to dispel such evil. The Demon Hunter Society uses both state of the art equipment as well as spiritual gifts in order to ascertain the presence of spirits, and the ability to dispel them and cleanse the home or persons of the residual effects.

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