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Archangel Paranormal has a multi-prong mission profile. We will assist anyone that believes they have paranormal activity occurring in their home. We conduct our investigations using scientific equipment such as EMF Detectors, Digital Recorders, Digital Cameras, Thermal Detectors, and other devices. We enter an investigation with a skeptic's mind and eye. We seek to first eliminate any and all things that could naturally cause the experiences the client is having, and then we seek to document what we can not explain. Our working mantra, "Eliminate The Normal, What's Left is Paranormal!" In the rare case we determine that a paranormal case is a demonic infestation, our goal is to eliminate that danger from the property and life of the client. Our team is led by an experienced Christian Demonologist and ordained Pastor, practicing since 1989. We will provide binding and casting services, followed by blessing and spiritual protection services. We will do everything necessary by the Authority of Jesus Christ to end that situation for the client. We also have a dedicated Prayer Warriors Team within Archangel Paranormal, members of which are born again Christians and do not specifically get involved in the investigations themselves, but provide spiritual and prayer support for our investigative and intercessory team members, as well as, the clients. Investigations include a full interview and screening of the client, research of historical information of the property and succession of ownership, archive research for news and police activity over the years in relation to current and past owners of the property, all to help determine the nature of the activity and experiences. We will help counsel the clients before and after an investigation or intercession, to make sure that they are comfortable and prepared through the entire process. Our goal is to eliminate the fear caused by experiences like this, and to bring peace, harmony, and comfort to the clients and their home. We perform these services free of charge. We primarily operate within the Greater Atlanta Metro region and surrounding areas, but will travel out of state if a case requires it and arrangements can be made. In cases where overnight travel is required, reimbursement of transportation and accommodation costs is appreciated.

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