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Out of body travel known as the O.B.E. phenomenon (out of body experiences) which the person perceives out of their physical body. This course offers beginners the development of a key for safe entry into the astral world, which will protect him during the whole astral journey. This course offers the more advanced, who already travel astrally, an orientation in the astral world, as this course contains a map of the astral world!!! This map is divided into respective realms. It has indications as to which realms are fully safe and which ones are dangerous (where it’s necessary to be very careful). We will explain to you in a nutshell how to communicate with elemental beings and how to safely ask them for your wishes. Furthermore this course will lead you into the temple of wisdom, the temple of destiny (where you could look at you past, present and future) and other places that could be very beneficial for you in everyday life. The following are included in the price of this course: study materials sent in electronic form + in case of interest, two at least 15 min of consultation over email, Skype or yahoo. Every participant of our course will receive a certificate of completion after a short test.

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