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Wikipedia: Jet Stream

Encyclopedia article on these fast flowing, narrow currents of air found between the troposphere and the stratosphere.

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The Tropics May Be Expanding

Atmospheric temperature measurements by U.S. weather satellites indicate Earth's hot, tropical zone has expanded farther from the equator since 1979 because the subtropical jets have been pushed toward the Poles.

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Paths of Polar and Subtropical Jet Streams

Provides diagrams showing the generalized locations of the polar and subtropical jet streams in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere in January and July.

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Ooishi's Observation Viewed in the Context of Jet Stream Discovery

Article by John M Lewis outlining Ooishi's upper-air observations dating back to 1926 and the history of the discovery of the jet stream.

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National Weather Service: JetStream

Online resource for learning about the jet stream and global air circulation patterns.

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Jet Stream

Diagram showing how a current of rapidly moving air is formed between two masses of air at different temperatures.

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CRWS: Jet Stream Analyses and Forecasts

Contains maps of where the jet stream is now, and where forecasters think it will be in the future.

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Alaska Science Forum: The Jet Stream

Article by Larry Gedney about how the failure of a bombing mission on Tokyo in 1944 led to an understanding of the fluid dynamics of the upper atmosphere.

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