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  Weather Phenomena: Thunderstorms and Lightning: Sprites and Jets

Sprites and Jets (Subscribe)


Sprite Research at Yucca Ridge

Details of Sprite, Jet, and Elves observations at Yucca Ridge Field Station during 1995-1998, including daily summaries (with times), some notes and tet from recent publications, and a bibliography.

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Red Sprites And Blue Jets

Newly documented optical phenomena occurring above thunderstorms are described here, along with images and movies. Report observations of sprites and jets. A Bibliography is included.

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Optical Measurements, VLF Group

Optical measurements of Sprites and Elves at Stanford University.

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NMT Sprite Research

A description of sprite and elves research done by researchers at New Mexico Tech. This page includes images from their high speed imager

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Conjugate Sprites Project

Conjugate observations of high-altitude optical emissions and associated lightning activity in South Africa.

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