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Towards an Ecology of Mind

The threads which join the five authors this site focuses on include their various efforts to create a new perspective on our human experience as a Wholeness. Essays by George Kelly, Ronnie Laing, Gregory Bateson, Ernst von Glasersfeld, and Humberto Maturana.

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The Hoop and the Tree

An ecological model that integrates modern psychology with the great spiritual and mythological traditions.

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Tending the Exiled Presence of Place

Depth-psychological perspectives on listening to the ignored voice of place.

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Radical Ecopsychology

A summary for this book, which offers an original introduction to ecopsychology - an emerging field that ties the human mind to the natural world.

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Project Nature Connect

Offers information on courses, training books, and degree programs.

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Jungian Ecopsychology

Contains five related articles on the website of Dennis Merritt, Jungian analyst, in the ecopsychology section.

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Journal of Environmental Psychology

Academic research journal directed toward individuals who have an interest in the study of interrelationships between people and their sociophysical surroundings.

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International Community for Ecopsychology

An informal, international, interdisciplinary virtual community devoted to reflecting on the questions which arise from an ecopsychological viewpoint.

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Educational Opportunities

Applied ecopsychology and integrated ecology distant learning. B.S., M.S., Ph.D and Post Doctoral information.

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Educating and Counseling With Nature: Ecopsychology in Action

Nature-Connected Psychology Online: Ph.D or M.S. degrees include your prior experiences: inexpensive, accredited. Transferable courses and internships improve careers, global consciousness and human-environmental relationships.

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Ecopsychology On-Line

The Ecopsychology Institute was established at California State University, Hayward in April 1994 to facilitate an international dialogue between two communities: environmental scientists/activists on the one hand, and psychologists/psychotherapists on the other.

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Creativity, Healing, and Shamanism: The Workshop

Participants in this 4-day workshop will explore a new paradigm for an ancient art, experience a deep connection to nature's spirits, and evoke the creativity and healing of the shaman.

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Art-To-Earth, Northland Center for Art and Ecopsychology

An organization that promotes environmental awareness and social change through the arts and ecopsychological principles.

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