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Ghost recruitment drive: DGSE writes to Jalandhar police to register FIR - Indian Express

Following The Indian Express report on aspiring teachers paying application fee for ghost jobs in Punjab, Director General of School Education (DGSE) Ashok Singla on Wednesday wrote to Jalandhar Commissioner of Police Gaurav Yadav to get an FIR ...

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Exobots And Robonauts: The Next Wave In The Search For Extraterrestrials - Huffington Post

These proposed exobots could efficiently explore our local galactic neighborhood and help locate any extraterrestrials that may be sending radio signals in our direction. After 50 years of searching the heavens with radio telescopes and coming up empty ...

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EVHS exhibit "The Crucible" this weekend - Culpeper Star Exponent

Set in a Salem courtroom in 1692, the play is based on a number of hearings for people accused of practicing witchcraft in Colonial Massachusetts. When housemaid Abigail Williams finds herself out of a job after her lover's wife, Elizabeth Proctor, ...

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Do This: Ghost Tours - University Daily Kansan

By Sara Sneath A ghostly noise seeps out of the stone fireplace in the Sigma Nu fraternity house. Legend has it that in the early-1900s Kansas Gov. Roscoe Stubbs, the resident of the house at that time, came home to find his mistress, Virginia, ...

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Counsil Corner: Seeking divorce over witchcraft allegation - Vanguard

By 2005, spiritual revelations started unfolding that my wife was responsible for the whole ordeal as a result of her involvement in witchcraft practice. I pleaded with her that we should seek deliverance, but she refused. Our church intervened but it ...

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Bernard Hopkins - The Magic of The Executioner -

The fighters who can hold off time longer build an aura around them, a touch of magic. World Light Heavyweight Champion Bernard Hopkins (52-6-2, 32 KO) enters the ring for his rematch with Chad Dawson (31-1, 18 KO) this weekend at only the tender age ...

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Beliefnet News Conflates Paganism and Harry Potter with Witchcraft Killings - Patheos (blog)

“A fear of witchcraft? In our enlightened age? According to Reuters, the British news agency, a woman from the island of Sri Lanka off the southern tip of India has been charged with casting a spell on a 13-year-old Saudi girl during her family's trip ...

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Animal Planet host Jeremy Wade takes viewers to places they've never seen - Chicago Sun-Times

''There is a cryptozoology strand because that particular catfish had not been on television before. It's like hunting for an underwater Yeti.'' Maybe that's the point: There are layers to ''River Monsters'' far beyond giving viewers a how-to on ...

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A Catholic's Guide to Living In a Haunted House - Huffington Post (blog)

When confronted with the paranormal, many people go through an internal process of questioning and reexamining of their perspectives on the world and themselves: questions such as whether or not they are going crazy, what prosaic answers there could be ...

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