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The Nanotube Site popular

A reference page for carbon nanotubes. Information and links to most web sites in the field.

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University of Basel: Nanoelectronics and Mesoscopic Physics

quantum phenomena in electrical transport through nanoscaled devices (nanodevices) such as carbon nanotubes, quantum wires and quantum dots.

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Scanning Probes for Nanomagnetism

Part of the Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matriaux de Strasbourg, France. Research is focused on the electronic and magnetic properties of objects on the scale of a nanometer.

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SANDiE (Self-Assembled semiconductor Nanostructures for new Devices in photonics and Electronics)

This European Network of Excellence is dedicated to the formation of an integrated and cohesive approach to research and knowledge in the field of self-assembled semiconductor nanostructures.

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NASA: Center for Nanotechnology

Focuses on experimental research and development in nano and bio technologies. In addition, the Center conducts research in computational electronics, computational optoelectronics, and computational modeling of processes encountered in nanofabrication and microelectronics manufacturing.

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Nanostructures of Carbon and Boron Nitride

Nanotubes pages by Thomas Laude. Tutorial, bibliography, synthesis, references and links on this topic.

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Nanomeeting 2009

Conference held in Minsk, Belarus from 26 to 29 May 2009. The scope includes the physics and chemistry of nanostructures, nanotechnology, quantum computations, bioinformatics and nanosize optical and electronic devices.

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MFA Nanostructures Laboratory

Provides information on research, staff and publications. At the Research Institute for Technical Physics & Materials Science, Budapest, Hungary.

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Institute for Roentgen Optics

X-ray analytical tools based on Kumakhov polycapillary optics for nano-material analysis. Site in English and Russian.

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Diffusion on the Nanoscale

Paper by Zoltn Erdlyi on the diffusional movement of atoms through interfaces and the resulting interface shift. Includes his CV, details of publications and research interests.

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Cluster Expansion Homepage

This site gives an introduction to a program package that enables to calculate zero temperature cluster expansions for various quantum lattice models. A special emphasis lies on the handling of the large number of clusters which is a complex combinatorical problem in itself.

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Carbon Nanotube

Latest news in the research and application of carbon nanotubes.

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