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  Cognitive Science: University Programs: North America: United States: Pennsylvania

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Villanova University

Undergraduate students may concentrate on basic or applied cognitive science at this Catholic institution. The program is administered by the Departments of Psychology and Computing Sciences.

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University of Pittsburgh

Areas of cognitive research in the Department of Psychology include attention, learning, memory, psycholinguistics, reading and text processing, complex learning, reasoning, problem solving, concepts, and social processes in cognition. Areas of applied work range from school-based and technical learning to eyewitness memory.

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University of Pennsylvania

The three foci of the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science are language acquisition, structure, and processing, logic and computation, and perception and action. Graduate students enter the program through an affiliated department. At the undergraduate level, there is a B.A. program in Cognitive Science and a B.A.S. program in Computer and Cognitive Science.

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Pennsylvania State University

Among the main areas in the Psychology Department are cognitive psychology and psychobiology.

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Lehigh University: Psychology

One specialty of the department is its emphasis on human cognition and development.

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Lehigh University: Cognitive Science

The interdisciplinary program offers an undergraduate major and minor and a graduate minor.

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Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh

The goal of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition is to study the neural basis of cognitive processes through a synthesis of the disciplines of basic and clinical neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and computer science.

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Carnegie Mellon University

The Department of Psychology offers a B.S. in Cognitive Science. Its Ph.D. program in Psychology provides training in fields linked to cognitive science: cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental psychology.

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