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Active Galactic Nuclei - Quasars (Subscribe)


Laser Stars - Quasars

Quasars are not black holes, they are laser stars within our galaxy.

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Hubble Surveys The "Homes" Of Quasars

Contains press release about the impact of quasars within various galaxies. Includes photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Quasars

Part of an FAQ site that evolved from an exchange of e-mail messages with middle school science students.

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Cause of the Spectral Characteristics of Quasars, AGNs and QSOs

Charles Weber puts forward a hypothesis explaining that the characteristics of QSOs are an optical illusion created by gravitational lensing of photons from the opposite jet by a huge mass within.

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Active Galaxies and Quasars

Provides an introduction to galaxies and quasars. Includes an FAQ, quizzes, and links.

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