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Systems for Automatic Customer Support Operations (SACSO)

A collaborative research and development effort (1997-2001) between the Danish National Centre for IT Research (CIT) and Hewlett-Packard (HP), whose aim was to develop decision theory and Bayesian network-based troubleshooting systems for customer support automation. Resulted in 4 patents, 17 reviewed scientific papers, 11 technical reports, 10 working papers, and 13 presentations.

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SERENE: Safety and Risk Evaluation using Bayesian Nets

Decision support method and tool for quantifying the safety of complex systems.

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READY: Resource-adaptive Dialog

Monitoring the current cognitive load and time limitations of a user.

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probability calculation tool for bridge players

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Heart Disease Program

Designed to act as an intellectual sounding board, assisting diagnosis and anticipating the effects of therapy for cardiovascular disorders.

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BAT (Bayesian Automated Taxi) project

Developing next generation real-time decision making tools for vision-guided automated intelligent cars.

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