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United States (94)
Mexico (29)
Greenland (2)
Canada (17)


Skull Wars

David Hurst Thomas and others discuss the Kennewick Man controversy on a Science Friday radio program.

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Paleoindian and other Archaeological Stuff

A collection of articles concerning Paleoindians and other archaeological related subjects. Folsom articles represent the major portion of this collection.

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Paleoamerican Origins

A review of hypotheses and evidence relating to the origins of the First Americans by James Q. Jacobs.

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Kennewick Man Virtual Interpretive Center

In-depth coverage of the discovery of a 9,200-year-old skeleton in eastern Washington state and the ensuing controversy involving scientists, Native Americans, and the government, as covered by a local newspaper.

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Early America

A brief description of the earliest cultural horizon in North America.

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Ancient Maps And Corn Help Track The Migrations Of Indigenous People

From Science Daily, the work of Roberto Rodreguez and Patrisia Gonzales, who study ancient maps, oral traditions and the movement of domesticated crops to learn more about the origins of native people in the Americas.

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A Journey to a New Land

From the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology on the first peopling of the New World. Highlights: Interviews with scientists, QuickTime Interactive timeline photorealistic reconstructions games for younger visitors.

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