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Yemen (3)
United Arab Emirates (11)
Turkey (49)
Syria (19)
Saudi Arabia (0)
Palestinian Territory (10)
Oman (10)
Lebanon (2)
Jordan (37)
Jerusalem (7)
Israel (60)
Iraq (17)
Iran (31)
Cyprus (25)
Bahrain (1)


Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project

A multi-year excavation and survey project aimed at defining archaeological correlates of ancient imperialism, colonialism and culture contact in the Mesopotamian frontier zone.

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The Joint Prehistoric Project

The Joint Prehistoric Project comprises several archaeological expeditions in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey dating from 1947. All of these separate excavations, however, sought the solution to a general problem: "How are we to understand those great changes in mankind's way of life which attended the first appearance of the settled village-farming community?"

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The Jazira Project

Report of the Oriental Institute's geomorphological projects within the Jazira of Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

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Oriental Institute Museum: Mesopotamia

Images and descriptions of objects in the University of Chicago center's collection.

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Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamia

A description including: emergence, excavation, discovery and decipherment, reconstructing history, and a table of Mesopotamian chronology.

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History of the Ancient Near East

Mark McDonald provides information and links on the archaeological sites of the region from Turkey to Southwestern Iran.

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Archaeology in the Levant

The University of California San Diego reports on its projects in Israel and Jordan.

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Archaeologists Excavate Monastery to Reveal Gaza Strip's Ancient Lineage

From Ekathimerini, away from the ongoing violence, researchers uncover the vestiges of Palestine's Byzantine past.

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