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In special arrangement with and other companies, we are now able to offer you special discounts on paranormal and scifi items.  Please take advantage of these special prices before these items dissapear.  Please stop by often to look for updated items.  We will be adding more periodically.  Note:  click on any item's order now field for current sale price and instant online ordering. 

VHS and DVD:
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
own the insane classic 
on sale 

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Texas Chainsaw II
Threat: What Aliens Really Want
Sightings and Coverups (NEW) 
UFO Untold Stories
UFO Truth Gift Set (NEW) 

Haunted History of Halloween
America's Most Haunted
Haunted Gettysburg Virginia

Blair Witch Project
(collector's edition)
on sale

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The 6th Day Special Edition
Halloween Special Edition
Halloween H20 Widescreen
X-files Movie | Widescreen
X-files Boxed Set Volume 1
X-files Boxes Set Volume 6
Scream Trilogy - Boxed Set
All Three Movies
30% off special

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Scream 1 DVD
Scream 3 DVD
Scream 1 VHS
Scream 2 VHS
Scream 3 VHS
Dogma - Special Edition
An Hour of Extra Scenes
2 commentaries

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The Story of the Salem Witch Trials: 
We Walked In the Clouds 
300 pages 
by Bryan Lebeau 

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Ethics of Human Cloning
The Christ Clone Trilogy
Human Cloning Debate
Ghost Hunters Handbook
Crop Circles: Hoax or Happening?
Dowsing the Crop Circles
Full Story of The Witch Trials
1692 Witch Hunt
Man Eaters of Tsavo (COOL)
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Tarot Cards:
The Art of Tarot Book 
by Tilli Folios 
300 pages 

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Marseiles Tarot Card Deck
Minchiate Tarot Card Deck
Celtic Tarot (Book & Deck)
Connelly Tarot (Book & Deck)
The Complete Tarot Gift Set

*we have the celtic deck and 
recommend it highly