Paranormal Research Vs The Bible 
    It has been a disputed subject since the beginnings of paranormal research and investigations. Who are we to ignore the writings that have been held as popular religion for thousands of years? Yet, some of the most famous paranormal research groups have ignored the religious aspect of paranormal investigations. Why? Could it be because the bible is held as fiction to some and non-fiction to others? Or, could it simply be because we are afraid to be proven wrong? Who knows.

    A case has recently come across my desk that has brought the spiritual aspect of my work into the light. The case has to do with an abandoned plantation whose history tells tales of murder, rape, torture, and even several suicides. The investigation has gone relatively smoothly; however, I began to realize that this site has had well over fifty deaths (not counting the hundreds of slaves from itís plantation days). Very odd....

    I cordially invited the Central and Eastern divisions of Seven Paranormal Research and Investigations to join my team (the Western Division) on this particular trip. We set everything as policy and procedure outlines and left the equipment to run undisturbed. Out of five audio tapes we have found two with positive EVPs. We began to further explore the EVPís that we found and realized that there was something on this tape that we had never encountered. It was so bizarre that we decided to keep it locked up until a reasonable explanation could be determined.

    After much deliberation, my director brought up the EVP and how it related to the bible. Needless to say, we sat in shock at the simplicity (and reality) of the explanation. I reluctantly researched the topic in everything I could find. I looked blankly at my director and said "I really do not want to be responsible for the coming of Satan and his army" She laughed nervously.... Of course the EVPs remain unidentified and unresolved; which weighs heavily on my mind 24 hours a day.

    How do we, as a research team, consult the bible as a valid reference tool without being looked upon as frauds? It is a question that I do not know the answer to. Some teams have tried this radical way of research and ended up on MTVís FEAR making themselves the laughing stock of the paranormal research clique. I cannot say that we should follow the bible or follow science, for I am a man of both. I believe in god and Jesus yet I also believe in science. Or..maybe I am just a complex man. Either way, I have a foothold on reality and I know how to keep my sanity in balance. How do I determine what is biblical and what is not? Easy....if it raises the dead or heralds the second coming of Christ...itís biblical. So, until my dead pet dog raises from the grave I will follow my scientific side. I am open to the bible....but in my opinion... lets keep the research confined to what we can easily explain through valid scientific methods. (Article submitted by -Donald Gary Sweeney, Assistant Director).

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