Phantom of the Rehoboth Village Cemetery     
    Being a ghost investigator I keep a keen ear for supposed haunted places near my home in Somerset, Massachusetts. When I had heard of the Village Cemetery in Rehoboth, MA I gathered a few investigators and scheduled a date for an investigation. As the story goes, on three different occasions, witnesses have seen an elderly man dressed in 19th century clothing. He floated amongst the headstones with a very liquid-like movement terrorizing the witnesses with vulgarities and forcing them out in a state of shock. One witness claimed she saw the old man kneeling at a headstone crying and laughing maniacally. Seeing the old man so distressed, the witness approached to console him. The figure rose up and began yelling at her. As she ran away frantically, the figure began calling out, "Catherine. Catherine," which was not her name. She jumped into her car and took one last glance; the apparition was once again kneeling but over a female figure whom he was beating on with his closed fists. The figures disappeared mysteriously as she screeched away. 

    As we arrive at the Village Cemetery at 9:32pm I take a deep breath, stretch, and shuffle around for my mini flashlight. I meet my fiancée Lisa at the front of the car while the other investigators grab the gear from the trunk. We cautiously enter the cemetery with cameras in hand hoping to catch our feisty friend on film. We come across a mausoleum built into a hill straight ahead. The inscription is old and worn and reads Property of the Town: 1829. As we pass the mausoleum we trek up the small hill that leads to the massive cemetery. We headed toward the southwest corner of the yard, which is where the apparition was sighted. "This place is so cold and feels like overwhelming sorrow to me," I whispered in a shaky voice. The group concurred and we continued on our way. I found an open spot where we could sit and reflect upon the souls whose bodies were buried beneath us. Lisa stands and walks several paces from where we sit without saying a word. She has a very good feeling for spiritual energy and usually produces very good ghost photographs. After about fifteen minutes we stood and began snapping pictures hoping for our guest of honor to arrive. He must have had other plans that night because he stood us up. It was getting late and we decided to leave. 

    The drive home was a tiresome one consisting of conversation about the investigation and our amazement of how many icy cold spots we passed through in that cemetery. Were there ghosts following us? We all believe so. The photos we got from this investigation were a little disappointing but we did catch some spiritual orbs on film. Lisa and I went back to the Village Cemetery a few days later to snap some daytime photos. We did capture one daytime orb on film, which is a bit more difficult than during the nighttime hours. 

    Being a ghost investigator takes a certain amount of perseverance and nerve that a lot of people don't have or lose real quickly. Having an open mind is the first step to a successful ghost hunting experience. Anyone interested in learning about or participating in a ghost hunt can feel free to e-mail me at the Massachusetts Ghost Hunters Society at Be safe and have a great New Year! - Scott Golz 

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