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By The Indexer on Saturday, June 22, 2002 - 09:46 pm:

I'm an amateur investigator/report collector, and I've just talked with a neighbor of my grandmother's. Apparently, last night (June 21, 2002), "Steve" <names witheld by request> and his wife "Linsey" observed an unusual object through the telescope. This occured in Redmond, Washington, USA, and lasted from 11:00 to midnight; roughly an hour of time before they lost the object.

Trajectory: The object was described by "Steve" as following the path of the moon across the sky, and located in roughly the southwest quadrant of Luna's location (NOT against the moon, however). It followed the path of the moon, but did so more slowly than Luna did.

Physical descriptions: The details of the sighting varied slightly between the two. Their accounts are listed seperately to maximize awareness of the similarities and differences:

"Steve's" description: The object was white, triangular, and surrounded by a rotating ring of small point-source lights, "like on a christmas tree". The lights rotated around it clockwise.

"Linsey's" description: The object was triangular, had a white circle in the center, and was surrounded by a set of rotating lights arranged in a pentagon. The lights rotated around it, and the triangle rotated within the lights as well. The lights were green, red, white, and possibly some other colors.

I'm not looking for theories as to what this was--I merely seek anyone else who saw the same object so I can corellate the sightings. Please only post if you seriously saw something, and describe in detail the time, location, trajectory and physical appearances involved, as laid out. Or, if someone you know has mentioned a similar sighting at the same time, please do get details and post them here.

Thanks for your time.

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