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Philip Lipson on Tuesday, January 29, 2002 - 07:00 pm:

The Seattle Chat Club with the assistance of the Seattle Metaphysical
Library proudly announces
Seattle's 2nd annual
Northwest UFO/Paranormal Conference
May 24-May 27, 2002
Memorial Day weekend
Radisson Hotel- Seattle Airport
Seattle Washington.

Come join us for this "Out of this World" event!
Researchers, authors and investigators that have brought you some of the world's most intriguing information on sightings, ancient mysteries and the paranormal.
All ages, beliefs, terrestrials and extraterrestrials welcome! Bring your family, friends, educational groups for a most scientific thought provoking "Out of this World Vacation" in the beautiful Northwest!
Free exhibits, vendors and displays.
Attend intriguing presentations that will test
your beliefs in reality and a Banquet Buffet Sat. night with a special presentation.

Peter Davenport - Dir. National UFO Reporting Center MC
Kathleen Anderson - WA State Sec. MUFON Director - MC

(List capped off until all replies are in)
Mike Bara - Associate Researcher Enterprise Mission, Lunar Anomalies
Dr. Nick Begich - HAARP, New Technologies
Karena Bryan - Egyptian Khemitian Scholar
Red Elk - Medicine/Wankin Spiritual Leader of Inner Heyoka
Jose Escamilla - UFO Rods
Santiago Yturria Garza - UFOlogist on Cardenas Family Case
Dr. James Harder - UFOlogist, Chief Investigator Pascagula UFO Case
Marilyn Henry Childs - Archeo Astronomer
Janet Colli - Studies of Near Death and ET Encounters
Glenn Kimball - Ancient Manuscript, "Illinois Tombs" excavation artifacts
Dr. Roger Leir - Implants
Wayne N. May - Ancient America
David Morehouse - Author 'Psychic Warrior" Remote Viewer
Sean David Morton - Psychic Futurist
Pamela Stonebrooke - Extraterrestrial Encounters
Ronald Story - Author "The Enclyclopedia of ET Encounters"
Michael Tsarion - Atlantis, The Celts, Ancient Tombs and Temples

Special Guests
Robert and Gloria Gribble - Founder Natl. UFO Reporting Center
Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) - Ancient Practice Presentation and demonstration/participation

Stop by and see the FREE exhibits, vendors and displays
Pre-registration recommended for first seating

Vendors and Exhibits: Sweet Spirit Candles, Falun Gong Practioners
Boeing Parapsychology Club
$12 Individual speakers
Attendees 15 and younger FREE
$40 Banquet Buffet Sat. May 25th. 6:30-8pm.
Featuring Best of the Northwest Buffet and Dessert.
Ages 15 and under $12.
Northwest Banquet Buffet - Grilled Pacific Salmon, Mesquite Washington Chicken,
Eggplant Parmesan, Bay Shrimp Pasta Salad with Basil Pesto Cream Dressing
Crisp Apple Salad, Caesar Salad, Yakima Baby Red Potato Salad,
Fresh Grilled Vegetables, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sourdough Rolls and House Baked Bread and Butter, Tiramisu, Washington Apple Strudel a la mode
Chocolate Torte, Tully's Coffee and Tea.
$50 Separate Remote Viewing Class by David Morehouse
- Author "Psychic Warrior" Sun. May 26th. 12:30pm
Limited seating so register early
Entire Conference Package - recommended
$210 - Register Dec. 1, 2001 to March 5, 2002 - includes all lectures and $40 Banquet Buffet Sat. May 25th.
$250 - Register March 5, 2002 to April 20, 2002-
includes all lectures and $40 Banquet Buffet Sat. May 25th.
$270 Register April 20, 2002 - May 24, 2002
includes all lectures and $40 Banquet Buffet Sat. May 25th.
In recognition of service, Directors, State Directors and Organizers of any UFO, Paranormal Science group or Native American Official we extend complimentary lecture admission.
Buffet purchase still required.

To Register by Phone:
Call 206-329-1794 11am-4pm Mon-Sat. Pacific time preferably
or e-mail
To Register by Mail:
Send Name Address and registration preferences to:
Seattle Metaphysical Library
1000 E. Madison St. #B, Seattle, WA 98122
Make checks to the Seattle Chat Club.

Separate hotel reservations are made directly with
Radisson Hotel - Seattle Airport
Reserve under
Northwest UFO/Paranormal Conference
event name to receive special room rates!
$75/single or double, $10 extra person
Hotel Shuttle available directly from airport

The Chat Club's goal is to present
an annual conservative conference furthering public awareness
with a wide diversity of topics and responsibly
support the research and the researchers in this arena.
We hope you can join us!

- Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
Seattle Chat Club and Seattle Metaphysical Library
Complete info, photos and updates at

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