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By Anonymous on Sunday, January 28, 2001 - 02:31 am:

Its a really strange tale,it happened in a really old house,victorian style you can say,the woman that told me about it,no longer lives in the house,i guess its still under investigation,anyway to make the story short,cause i dont want to go to far with it right now,cause its still under investigation by my crew.suppossedly this woman claims she went to get a cup of coffie,i guess you can say shes a caffien kinda woman,gotta have her caffien,anyway she had got a cup of coffie,and as she was on her way into the living room,she thought she heard footsteps walking from behind her.and when she turned around there was nothing there.then she got the idea she was hearing things,any way she made her way into the living room and set in this old rocking chair thats been in the house for years,she had found it in the basement,anyway she sat down in the chair,drinking her coffie and rocking,like she loves to do.anyway its only when she sets and drinks coffie in the late hours when she cant sleep sometimes,maybe its the caffien i dont know.anyway she claims its at the midnight hour,anyway theres this clock that sets up above the fireplace,anyway while she was rocking,she had stopped for a few minutes,and the strangest thing happened,after she had stopped,her rocking chair was still moving,and man you talking about a scared lady,as she turned around she seen this old man,in overalls,and a beared,looking strait at the clock,not even looking at her,just standing there rocking her.and then after a few minutes he just vanished.what im telling you right now,was a few weeks after she had moved into the house,she claims it has been going on for the 6 months she had lived in the house,but the house has been there for many many years,she also claims she heard an old woman scream.and noises coming from the basement.why he was looking at the clock i dont know,unless he was planning something at a certain time,before he died.and i also had questioned different people,and come to find out he had a wife,and i have talked to different people,and they experienced the same thing,when they had lived in the house.except some experienced a little more different activities,im still questioning people at times.well thats all im gonna tell for now.bye,bye.4now................sincerily,jimmy lee

By Anonymous on Monday, June 18, 2001 - 10:23 am:

the scream from the basment sounds like a replay.

By Aspiring medium on Thursday, November 8, 2001 - 04:08 am:

horses outside.old man was rocking chair to try to console his wife? maybe because he missed her. and staring at the clock was because of something he was supposed to have done, Accident! Old man was supposed to fix something said he had no time. i'm thinking they either lost a child or the old woman fell down the stairs because he didn't fix it right away. he feels guilty i think. god the chills im getting.

By Medium no well done please on Thursday, November 8, 2001 - 04:12 am:

I may have been completely wrong but i want to know if you turn up the old woman died in a fall or she screamed from shock at seeing her dead son. i don't know i am getting conflicting pictures in my head. so probably just pulled all this out of my ass. *sigh* I really wanna know if i was close.

By Anonymous on Saturday, July 27, 2002 - 08:02 pm:

My grandmother use to live down the street from us and she owned an organ and one day while she was playing it she heard clapping from the porch it was an elderly man with bib overalls that was rocking in a rocking chair. First my grandmother did not have a rocking chair on the porch and 2nd she rubbed her eyes and he was gone. She described the man she saw to the lady she rent from and the land lady said that was her dad and he had passed away in the house. I always felt something dark and creepy in that house. Sometimes things would float in the house like pots and pans. I did not like spending the night there it was always scary to me.

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