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William Stapleton on Thursday, November 16, 2000 - 11:37 pm:

I had an unusual experience when I was twenty (in 1978). I was walking one evening on campus (in Oklahoma) and suddenly was 'drenched' in a 'rain' of what looked like little capsules of light. They were about half an inch long, and about the diameter of a pencil. I watched as one hit the top of my hand, passed through and fell into the snow. The spot where it hit me felt cold and wet - but wasn't to the touch. It was over in a moment, but since then, I've been able to turned electric lights off and on just by passing by. It isn't a regular occurence, but happens often enough to make me wonder. Once I was driving down the Interstate through Memphis and every light shut off as I passed, then blicked back on when I was a quarter mile or so down the road.
Anyone had a similar experience?

By Eric the annoyed on Thursday, November 8, 2001 - 04:37 am:

can name 2. a friend of mine claimed to have this ability. aquired in a less spectacular method. he made a bargain with a demon. I have my own talent. whenever someone tells me something is possible or they have seen it. I immediatley discount it as bullshit. then I experience it within a week. pisses me right off. lights do that to me now too. just 2 days ago the entryway lights (all of them, and ceasing as I exited the entry hall) at the library flickered as I walked through the hall. i have also had people tell me that something is broken so i'll plug it in hit the power button and it comes right on. of course there are limits the more difficult it is the more times i have to hear it before i will experience it. Like a tornado, i hear about them all the time but I never see them ever. there has never been a tornado within 30 miles of where i live. and the more people it involves obviously, history class didn't cause a rash of wars. oddly enough it doesn't seem to work if it will hurt me either. so telling me of horrible things only makes me feel sorry for you. it is just abnormal things you don't see everyday. little things, things and sometimes not so little like i looked for shooting stars for 20 years NEVER saw one i talked about astronomy with other people for a long time but they all wanted to see them too and never had the chance a week after someone finally admitted seeing one and described it to me, although i knew what they looked like already from video and pictures then i was finally able to see them. every other freaking day BIG ones halloween last year the biggest freaking thing I have ever seen over my head including commercial airliners flew past at a relativly slow speed but very quick obviously being it was on fire from friction when it was directly over my head it expelled a starburst like a fire works display and kept going straight on over the horizon. the point of this being that other than mundane life I seem to be restricted from stuff until I actually meet someone that ACTUALLY experienced it they tell me about it then I experience it too BIG TIME. some sort of cosmic keeping up with the joneses I guess. *sigh* there is one benefit LOL i know who is lying after a week.

By Brian on Sunday, February 3, 2002 - 06:21 pm:

hmm, sounds like something out there wants you to beleive something...lol

By Catherine on Friday, June 7, 2002 - 01:31 pm:

Eric you need a reality check! Now discount it as bullshit and experiance it in a week... it wont hurt you! Oh and after that can you come by my house my Microwave is fried and I dont want ot buy a new one.. perhasp you can "Turn it on" with your new found power.

By MajandraSky1357 on Monday, October 7, 2002 - 11:20 pm:

Everyone has some electricity in their bodies, some more than others... as you get older it usually gets less and less... even though some people don't even have much as to realize this, anyway... i have this happen quite often: I will be driving,or walking, etc... look up at a street light or a light on a store, or even a transformer on a light pole and the light will go out, or the transformer (only happened once) blew with sparks flying... i don't necessarily think i'm 'causing' it.. but somehow i look at it a couple seconds or just right before it happens. Also walking by radios or speakers in stores they always mess up.. i can sometime turn on a radio but keep the volume down, put my hand on the radio and the volume gets loud enough to where you can hear it... it's weird, but always happened... so i don't even really think anything of it usually...

By Katilou on Friday, September 19, 2003 - 08:17 pm:

I think everyone may have periods like this. I did about a year and a half ago; blew out every light in the house in a 2 month period, including two that were those expensive flourescent screw in things that are supposed to last 5 or 10 years.

And now, I will admit to one moment of pettiness. . .I intentionally touched a despised coworker's cube lights--that's all, just touched it. And waited for him to come back; smirking as the light exploded. . . burning smells and girly girl shrieks and wasn't I just the concerned little systems analyst?

Sadly (or not so sadly, considering the cost of those expensive light bulbs, the cost of the dead microwave--though I still won't claim that one--the cost of a couple of hairdriers and a few other small electronics.) I'm over it. No dead bulbs in months.

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