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Posey Gilbert on Saturday, April 8, 2000 - 05:33 am:

The Attack Of The Window Peepers A Glossary Of Terror Or Understanding The Alien
By: Posey Gilbert

Back in the early to mid fifties of all the entities that we encountered as children the most hated and feared were the ones we called by many names Window Scratchers, Window Tappers, Window Rappers, Window Knockers, but mainly they all were called Window Peepers.
They were sometimes in the company of an entity that my younger brother Ralph and I called The Walking Stick, or The Praying Mantis.
She never did anything to us and some times did not even enter the house but just stood at the window watching what was going on inside.
Even when we did not see her we knew she was there watching from the darkness.
Some of these creatures were very tall too tall to enter the room, when they were of a height that they were able to enter they always stood in the corners.
I do not remember ever having one of them near me it was always those hated and feared little ones that interacted with me.
They were mainly silent but at times they did make clicks, chirps, whistles, high pitched grunts, gasps, hsses, and a sound that was similar to "Yneep," thus Ralph and I also came to call them "Yneep Yneeps."
Often it was this Yneeping sound that would awaken us at night.
For the most part we heard Yneep Yneeps as they scurried about on the factory roof out side our bedroom window but we rarely saw them.
It was not until we actually heard the Window Peepers making this sound that we realized that they and the Yneep Yneeps were one and the same entities.
Up until that point the presence of Yneep Yneeps outside the window did not trigger the fear Window Peepers did, for you just basically heard them or caught a shadow as they passed by the window but you never really saw them.
So it did confuse us as to why these things being the same entity scared us when we thought they were just Yneep Yneeps, but terrified us when we knew they were Window Peepers, yet they were the same creatures.
I now realize in hindsight it was their intent, when we heard the Yneep Yneeps outside it was because they were not there for us, but for some other person in our neighborhood.
The darkness of that factory roof made an excellent place to safely land a small craft out side of the view of the thousands that lived in the tenements of the surrounding area.
In fact one winter after a heavy snow we were shocked when we looked out on to the roof and found there was a perfect thirty foot circle of clear space on the roof.
When Ralph made the suggestion to our mother that it looked like something like a flying saucer had landed and took off she nervously said for him to stop talking crazy and said it was the heat from the factory that caused the snow to melt like that.
Even though that perfect pattern never appeared there before then, or after then. In the many years we lived there we accepted her explanation and even then did not link the circle with the Window Peepers or the Yneep Yneeps.
The only time the Window Peepers ever made noises were when a Walking Stick was present so I believe this was a spoken language by which they communicated with The Walking Stick entity and she with they.
I believe now what we were hearing when we heard the Yneep Yneeps they were basically receiving their marching orders for the nights work.
At these times when I called to my parents they, my parents, would answer back and tell me to turn to the wall and go to sleep.
When it was Window Peepers I could scream all I wanted to, but it was as if no one could hear me in the world.
That bizarre ability was but one of them that earned the Window Peepers their high position on the top of Ralph's' and my list of the most feared entities that came to and through our bed room window or what we called back then Dream Demons.
We called them Dream Demons for our mother told us we were having bad dreams when we spoke to her about what had happened during the night.
This dream explanation worked fine until I started to encounter these things in the light of day, and so I thought they were demons that followed me back from the realm of dreams.
Hence I began to call them Dream Demons when I spoke about them to Ralph.
All my nightmare entities did not appear in the light of day, only a select few did the Window Peepers were among those that did.
Only those that we met in the light of day, or while we were fully awake, did we call Dream Demons.
Years later it would come to pass that most of the things we called Dream Demons as children would be described by others, and called aliens.
These Window Peepers were small entities with large heads and wrap around apple seed shaped cat pupiled eyes and always came in groups of threes.
Their movements were puppet like but they were very fast and extremely strong.
They had slits for nostrils on a slight rise of a nose and lip less slits for mouths.
They did have very small and pointed ears, but they laid so flat back against the side of their huge heads that looking at them head on you would think they had no ears at all.
For this reason I do not refer to them as Greys for they were like them in some ways, but unlike them in many others.
They had long arms for their body which came to oversized hands with long spider leg like fingers, four of them without finger nails.
One of their four fingers came out of what on us would be the lower center palm and acted in opposition to the other three digits as our thumb acts in opposition against our four digits.
I say palm but they had very little palm area in comparison to their large hands, it was little more than a triangle at the base of long fingers with a very slight webbing at the base of the fingers.
They did not seem to have wrist or elbows but their arms were flexible and when they bent it did not angle as sharply as human arms and wrists.
It was as if they had instead of hard bone, they had cartilage skeletons.
My remembrance of them is their body felt as if they were made of hard rubber.
They seem to not to be naked but I do not remember them wearing any clothing but as if they were covered from head to toe with a thin pseudo dermis, that made them look as if they were made of tan grayish clay.
I today think that it was this thin skin material that gave them their pale gray tinting.
I think you this is what gave them their odd facial features or lack there of, for if a human pulls a stocking over their head and covers their face with it they too almost take on the same featureless appearance.
It was not their appearance however or their out of sync with time movements that made them so frightful to us, it was what they would do that made us so fear them.
A point of information here about their out of sync with time movements only recently have I been able to see something that I can compare their movements and speed to.
It is computer generated images how they though excellently blended with live action move to fast for the actions of the scene about them.
They move as if gravity inertia and air mass has no effect on them.
Before it is said, or sent to me in a letter, no I do not believe they are holographs or computer generated images.
I know they are real and quite physical, I only say this so that those that have never seen them in real life can get an idea of their way of moving.
The movement of the hated Jaja Binks in the latest Star Wars movie or that monkey thing in the Lost In Space movie both are perfect examples of what I mean.
It falls too hard and moves too fast in too short a time than do the real time characters.
The Window Peepers actions are very similar to that.
In only a few steps they can cross a room and be upon you though their legs are shorter than yours.
I know for I have had at time tried to escape them to no avail.
Though their bodies were frail they were strong and you could not break their hold once they physically griped you.
When they spoke to you they spoke to you in a way that went all the way to your soul like they were speaking to a you within you, a deeper you, the core you.
Like they knew more about you than you knew about you yourself.
This was very unnerving for at those time you can feel the awareness of that you or level of you responding to what they said despite what you felt toward them.
For example if they asked you things that you did not want to tell them, that part of you would tell them.
This is what I think I hated most about them, that they seem to have a relation ship with a part of me that I did not have myself.
It made me feel as if I was but a vessel for the information they wanted.
Just as no body asks a Pepsi bottle for its permission to drink its contents, I felt I was being treated the same way.
When this other part of me spoke to them it was always telepathic and it said things to them that I had no idea I knew for its insight was clear and uncluttered by emotions of embarrassment or shame.
It would say things that as a child I had no way of understanding but in the brief transference to them I was able to syphon bits and pieces of meaning from.
This was an overpowering thing for your mind would be flooded in reverse with things that you only understood during that moment but vanish once the flow ended.
This was completely the opposite of the way my mind operated in the regular word information entered your mind from the outside in.
Never from the inside out and never at such a high volume and velocity.
You did not just hear, but you saw, felt, experienced these things just as you did in the day to day world all with in the passing of a second or so.
This is what their eyes would do to you and why I hated to look into them.
Still this was not as terrible as when they would cause the overpowering pleasingly unpleasant sensation that Ralph and I came to call the Googaly feeling.
What is to follow is an as best I can give accounting of what I can remember that made up an encounter with the Window Peepers, and how I later came to understand just what they were doing, and why they did as they did.
It would always start with me suddenly arising fully awake from a deep sleep.
Then would come a soft almost inaudible scratching, or tapping, at the bedroom window.
Knowing what was coming I would lay there and try to force myself to go back to sleep.
I knew it was useless to try and awake my two brothers who slept in the same bed with me at the time, for they never would awake when the Window Peepers were about, even when I pinched them.
I would lay there and it seemed the room would begin to heat until I was wet with sweat streaming down my face and across my shut eyes as I lay with my face turned to the wall and my back to the window, but I dare not toss off the covers or shift below them as I try to play possum hoping to trick them into thinking I was asleep, praying they would then go away, all the while knowing they would not.
Then just as I would convince myself that I had not heard the noises from out side my window there would again come another louder rap, or knock from the window.
Now I would know for sure that I had heard it!
Next would come the gentle calling in my head compelling me to turn over and look to the window.
I would fight it as best I could but they had a way to make time seem to stand still, so you could seem to spend hours trapped within a minute until you did as they asked.
Eventually as always I did I would give in for no more reason than to bring it all to an end, and I would turn and look to the window.
It would always start the same way, first I would notice nothing then something would slip out of sight at one of the corners of the window.
Then after a moment it would then return showing a little more of itself than the last time and after a moment that to would pull back out of view.
When next it returned, it would then show half of its face, the one huge cat eye in half of its bulbous head.
Then it would pull back, next the full head would pop around the corner and look at me.
At this point my gaze would become fixed to Its eyes and I could not turn away or close my eyes.
Now it would bring its full body into view as it jumped or glided up to stand on the window sill.
Next it would somehow just push through the glass without braking it and rush upon me and thrust those huge terrifying eyes in to my face, at which point I would start to scream bloody murder.
Then it would grip me about my rib cage with those damned horrible long fingers and with what I can only call a smirk it would begin to tickle me and I'd scream even louder.
Then would come the Googaly Feeling coursing through my body.
Rattling my every bone against the other, making me feel my every organ and muscle separate and vibrating unto itself, even to my finger and toe nails.
Making me feel my every artery, vein, and capillary through out my body.
I could feel every fluid as they flowed through me.
Parts of the human body you do not associate with having feeling like your cornea, iris, the gel inside of your eyes, and the underside of your skin.
You can feel all of these things while this energy surges through you and though it is only for a matter of seconds it seems forever before it's all over.
Then the session ends with them bringing those huge eyes again very close to my face so close that our foreheads actually touch and then it is over and they are gone and I am left screaming at the top of my lungs.
Only after the encounter has ended did it seem that any one in the house could hear me.
Over the years that I lived there these encounters traumatized me and I developed an over powering phobia of darkened windows.
A terror so over powering that I became paralyzed with fear when I had to approach a dark window at night to lower the shade.
Though for the most part after my transformation at Magnetic Mine Road in Brewster New York some years ago I still will not sleep at night in a room with a raised shade or the lights out.
Not that I thought or think that lowered shades could prevent things from entering my home as I well knew they couldn't and didn't.
It is just the thought that I might catch a glimpse of something looking in at me through the darkened window that freezes and collapses my legs beneath me.
Actually even in the light of day I will still get a pang of terror if someone comes to, or passes by my window, even though I might know that they are going to do so.
I tell all that would come to visit me never to knock at my windows or come to them for any reason without first calling my attention to the fact that they are going to do so, for it is not safe for them, or me, that they would do such a thing, and I will leave it at that.
Although I can and do now raise my shades during the day, and leave them up in rooms that I am not working in over night, for the most part I do not do this unless necessary for the needs of my plants.
Now let's look at that attack in another way.
Why did I always awake when they were there and how did I always know they were there for me?
Either they told me telepathically they were there to prepare me for an encounter, or maybe after so many encounters I could sense when they are about.
The scratching, rapping, tapping, and knocking at the window.
Is it not human custom to knock before entering?
Possibly they were trying to make me more comfortable with their presence
(A snowballs chance in hell of that happening) by an attempt to mimic human customs.
Their peeping could be viewed as them saying.
"I know you may not remember me from the last time, and that my appearance frightens you, so I will show myself a little at a time so you can get used to the way I look, and remember me."
The showing of first a half of the face.
Showing their full face.
"Remember me now?"
Showing their full figure.
"Now do you remember me?"
Their pushing through the window and rushing upon me, grabbing me, and thrusting those huge eyes in my face.
When we humans meet friends we have not seen in a while we too rush upon and embrace them.
However this does not go to well with a child that has been taught that things like these are monsters and or demons.
What's with the eye thrusting business?
I know from my own personal experiences and as documented in the reports of other abductees, these entities eyes seem to be the main way they communicate telepathically with us and others.
So being like our mouths, that we use mainly for communication is the biggest opening on our face, their eyes serving the same purpose, also have grown quite large, and is the largest opening on their face.
If the eyes are the window to the soul then to them we have very little windows and so it must be like trying to read the fine print of a contract to read our thoughts.
So they do as we do, they put there eyes very close to what it is they are trying to read.
Again having eyes almost half the size of your head coming close to you did not sit well with this child of Bug Eyed Monsters in Science Fiction and Horror movies either.
The results being my screams of terror and crying.
Then came that damned tickling.
When we humans accidentally scare a child and it starts crying what do we do?
We instantly put a big smile on our face and try to tickle it to make it stop crying.
Now again think of their small ears and our big mouths imagine what it sounds like to them.
So I can well see how they may be in a rush to get me to shut my big mouth.
Thus again they try to do as we humans do, but when your lips are little more than a slit it is hard to give a big smile, thus a smile becomes a grotesque smirk.
When they try to tickle with those frightening grand Daddy Long Leg fingers of theirs that's it you loose it altogether and your pitch nears the hyper sonic.
Now comes the Googaly Feeling.
What the hell was that all about I wondered why if they were trying to calm you down would they do that?
Then I thought about the fact that these entities are telepathic!
If they send an energy coursing through every part of you while they are in mind link with you they can do a complete physical in a matter of seconds as they read off what you feel.
They form a closed circuit with their touch when they grip you about your rib cage.
Remember the feeling is not unpleasant, but over powering.
Still regardless of all else it is entering and leaving your body through those long, thin creepy fingers.
You can feel it as it enters your body from their left hand on the right side of your rib cage, then it courses through your quivering body, and then it exits through your left side entering into their right hand.
When it was over they would always touched their forehead to mine, once again bringing those huge eyes too damned close to my face for comfort, and then it would be over.
I could never understand that other than to say they were getting in one last "Boo!" before leaving me.
Then one day while speaking to another Abductee, a woman friend of mine, whom has hybrid children she made a statement, that took me by surprise and cleared up that last question.
She was talking about an experience she had with her hybrid daughter whereas they were separating her daughter kissed her.
She then asked me if I knew how aliens kissed?
I said "No" and in truth I had never thought much about it.
She said, "They touch their foreheads to yours."
Only then did I realize that all my encounters with the Window Peepers always had ended with a kiss!
Now I know there are those that will read the above and say that I am suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome or I have rationalized my experiences into a comfortable way of dealing with them to them I say the same could be said about them too but I am willing to enter a debate with them.
I only know that my way of looking at my experiences have bought light to areas where once darkness and fear governed, and although I am still not ready to seat down to tea with them.
I however, am ready to see that there is a way to understand some of the things they do, and that they may have been giving us answers to our questions all along.
It is because we have not been able to push through or own self imposed fears and blindness to try and look at the so called "Abduction Phenomena " in another way, and I really think that we should.

If you are interested in reading more of my experiences please visit my web site.
It is called:
Pieces Of An Enigma
If you wish to know more about me and my encounters please go there and click on the Dragons Warning Icon on the first page when it loads.
Thank you for your time, please feel free to do so at any time.
Take care your friend,

By Anonymous on Friday, November 9, 2001 - 04:39 pm:

I live in Spanish Fort, AL. A couple of summers ago I took my three children to Blakley State Park in Baldwin Co., where one of the last civil war battles was fought. It was a clear day, not a cloud in the sky & we were the only visitors at the park. (it's usually not crowded & this was during a work day)We had been walking around the breastworks on the confederate side talking about how hard the men had it back then when all of a sudden we heard what sounded like a gun shot. I stood still to listen and then heard a deep moaning sound coming from the woods where we were standing. Me being the adult in the group I acted like I didn't hear anything and suggested to the kids for us to leave. As we walked to the car, my older son (15) asked me if I had heard that gun shot and moan? The hair is standing up on my neck as I remember that sound. Later that year we went back to Blakley and my older son refused to go with us. One of the Park Rangers told me a story of another ranger who has been cutting grass by the breastworks and saw an old soldier walking across the field. He swore he would never go back there again. It really is a beautiful place to visit and not always do I get those spooky feelings when I'm there.

We live across the road from Red Fort, a highly rich confederate battle ground and we have had a visit from a lady in a long white dress who was seen outside in the early morning hours by my father-in-law. He came inside my house and asked why I was ouside in my gown? I had not been outside that morning. We also hear a noise inside one of our walls that sounds like a rope hitting the wall, this always happens late at night. We have seen the water faucets in the restroom turn on by itself. My daughter's bedroom door opens on it's own, but we never feel threatened, we just kinda laugh about it.

By Anonymous on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - 08:53 pm:

I beleive you ,
I hear scratches and moans at my windows,
every once and a while, my windows are at least 5 feet from the ground, so it can't be a wild animal,
I will tell you more If I encounter any more.
the last time I encountered the noise was June 6th 2002 one week ago

By Anonymous on Thursday, June 13, 2002 - 05:38 pm:

It happened again,
The same scratches, and moans ,
I was frosen with fear as I watched a shadow creap by my window. Soon to fallow were several moans and scratches . The precise time was 2:32am when I heard them. The garden outside my window The shadow shifted course , thirty two seconds later, then multiple shadows appeared, there must have been three or four.
I live in a small town in massachusetts, sightings are not common, but when they occur
the whole town knows the fallowing day, many are pass it as crazy talk, but I know what I saw,
but being that I am a teenager , very few people tend to beleive me.

By Morbid butthole on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 - 12:39 am:

last night,i woke up at 1:00am, to a VERY LOUD, banging noise on my window!it was so frightening.

well,i gathered up all of my courage to go see what it was, and so i walk up to my window and it is covered in was so weird because its NEVER foggy outside.

By Morbid butthole on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 - 01:21 pm:

im back.
sorry about the cusing thing. was really weird!!do you people have any idea what it was?

oh and i forgot to tell you that my bedroom is two stories up,so it certainly couldn't have been anything like an animal or human.


By Morbid butthole on Saturday, April 12, 2003 - 02:17 am:

nobody likes replying? :(

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