a few stories, not my personal experiences

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By Lyra Starr on Monday, October 20, 2003 - 05:20 pm:

There is a house that my mom lived in as a teenager. It has now been converted into an antique shop and is haunted by the old caretaker. The story is as follows: The caretaker, J.W. Culpepper, found out that two girls were being repeatedly raped in the house. He died and was seen a few times by former residents. After it became an antique store, a woman entered and walked upstairs. She came back down saying, "There's something up there. I can't go up there." The second one is less interesting, but here goes: A few months or so after my great-grandmother, called Gigi, died, my aunt who was two years old at the time came out of her room and said, "Gigi was in my closet." The others all thought that was nice of Gigi to come say 'hi' to her youngest granddaughter. The third(and last) story is: My sister, who is off at college, was very sick for about 3-5 days and she called saying that she'd felt someone climb in bed with her. Her bed is high on the wall, and her pillow blocks the ladder. Gran Ann was a nurse in life and often would sit on her patients' beds to check on them. My sister thought at first she'd just imagined it, but our mom said otherwise.

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