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Myfinekatt on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 - 01:29 am:

I have had a experiance once that was straight up weird. I was reading about some one that they are/where loooking for and all of a sudden i felt like writing and i was reading that the place that the person had been taken from was so so town and then the pen just took off... I started drawing and the next thing you know i had drawn a picture of a house that was really rather good. And that was a serprise in it self for i'm not known to be able to draw well.. Anyway that was the reading that i got from the story.. So i stopped shortly and looked at the picture and studied it wondering all the time if this might have something to do with what i was reading or the person that was missing.. I continued on with the story ... Turned to the next page and ... Absolutely could not believe my eye's .. I had drawn a picture of the house that the person was seen at last.. They had a picture with the article
and i had not even seen it or got that far in the book when all of a sudden i just started drawing.. It was very weird..have'nt tried since..a part of a paranormal experiance that i have not tried to advance in my other attempts at understanding or trying to further my knowledge of this...

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