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Rattqueen on Monday, June 10, 2002 - 02:33 am:

I really don't know where to begin, but let me say that my life has been forever changed. It all started about 4 years ago. I started having dreams of Stephen Pearcy. He sings for Ratt. I felt like I was being dream stalked, or that I was living another life with this person through my dreams. I'm not talking day dreams. I'm talking about when I go to sleep. I'm not joking and I have had over 50 dreams of this person. I have all the dreams written down. Some dreams were really long, while other dreams of this person were short. I had dreams of Stephen Pearcy and I had dreams of his wife and kids. I have had dreams of his band members and of having intimate relations with Stephen, through my dreams. I have had dreams of Stephen's brother.

I said to myself one night while looking at a mirror that I wanted to have a dream of my soul mate. I said this crying because I did not understand all these dreams of Stephen. I said I don't care who my soul mate is, just show me even if it's not Stephen Pearcy and here is one of the dreams that followed..One into another dream:

SEP & Wife: Dream:
I had this dream I was hiding behind Stephen Pearcy's couch downstairs from his wife. He had this long couch I was hiding behind. I had to take a shower, so I ran for the back door, so she would not see me. I went outside. I opened the back door to get to the shower. Ok, after that I ran back up stairs to hide behind his couch . . . I said in my dream. "I was tired of hiding out," so I went up stairs. I did not go in the room. I could see Pearcy hanging from the side of his bed. He would not talk to his wife, then she decided to leave the room. I started to run downstairs; but then decided I was not going to hide any more from her, so I jumped right out at her, and said "Please do not be mad at me. I have been hiding behind your couch for a very long time, and I am so tired of hiding. I do not wanna hide anymore," she said. "If you really want my husband, you can have him," well I got to feeling really bad, and I said. "Ya know I think I just better leave," so I started to leave and Stephen ran up behind me and said. "You are not going anywhere." It felt like he hit me over the head and then I woke up!

Yes, and I have many more dreams of this person. Ok, it just doesn't stop at the dreams. That's right. I know this is going to sound crazy, yet maybe pictures can change by themselves, but I only experienced this one time in my life. I had a picture of Stephen Pearcy on my site, which I took off my site after I seen the picture had split off into 4 sections. I never touched his photo. Stephen Pearcy had no body underneith of him & where his weeding ring was, that was split off. It was weird to see something like this.

I know the guy is married, but something tells me I am going to be with him and this never leaves me. I get really hot and tingly inside and it's like my soul knows I'm going to be with him. When I don't know, but I know I will be with Stephen Pearcy again.

I also had a dream of a past life me and Stephen shared. I also know why Stephen likes cars and I think this dream might explain why that is.

I had a dream me and Stephen were in this car. It started to storm. The car was picked up and tossed through the air. I felt the glass crush me and the car was dropped to the ground. I had died with this person and I woke up crying. I also knew this really did happen. Again I have had many dreams of this person.

Also there used to be a car on Stephen's site that had lighting striking the top of a car, now how weird is that? The car is gone now and off the site, but that kind of tripped me out. If you all want to see pictures of a person I believe to be more than my soul mate just go to: http://www.topfuelrecords.com
Enter the site and there is pictures of Stephen Pearcy.

There was the spirit named Adam who came to me and would try to post, because the spirit knew Stephen. I mean talk about feeling crazy. I thought maybe I needed some serious help. I still think after all this, that I do. I chose to remember a past life and I didn't know how to handle it. I didn't ask to remember it in this life, but I must of asked somewhere, or at some other time in my other life, or maybe at death, yet the experience remains here. I still feel it, but not as bad. I have come to realize from reading about past lives is; I'm not some loon, like some people wanted to call me and this is all for a reason.

I have tried to contact this person through his web-master, but Stephen never gets back to me, but that is ok, because I know that he will. I don't think this man remembers, but I do and at least I have tried to tell him. That is all I can do ya know.

I thought I would share this strange experience with some of you. I'm still scared and frightened, because I feel this experience is the reason I am alone and the reason why I can't have a real relationship, because I belong to him.. I have to keep waiting, yea but it's driving me nuts, when I do try to find someone it never works out. I'm thinking I know why this is. I have gotten help but what I feel just will not go away. I sometimes hear Stephen wanting me to lay down and him wanting to be with me, because I'm that close to his soul. I lay down and imagine him by me and I can feel him very close to me, like it's really real.. Adam on the other hand is a part of Stephen's soul, when people tricked me by e-mail saying they were pearcy..Adam got tricked also, but Adam was too happy to care, because Adam had a message to give to Stephen and still does, because of these fakes, because of some people being cruel; they messed things up, but still it will be set right. Karma will get them, so I don't worry about it. I found out about Adam when I tried to post messages and Adam would be freaking out saying stuff like: Home..Home. I want to go home..The light..On and on. I could not control Adam. It freaked me out, but I had to send Adam back home and I think I did, because I have not heard back from Adam, yes part of Stephen's soul. Adama told me so.

I also had a weird Ouija board experience, but I will share that next time! I think this post is long enough and if any of you got this far Thanks for reading!


By Anonymous on Monday, June 10, 2002 - 08:58 am:

I think you need that help you were talking about.

By Rattqueen on Monday, June 10, 2002 - 12:46 pm:

No, I'm fine just the way I am. Thank you! I don't need help. Just because you don't understand others beliefs, or concepts doesn't mean I need to see a shrink.

By Anonymous on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - 09:59 pm:

Maybe your story was jumbled. Hard to read.

By Dvldog on Sunday, June 29, 2003 - 03:01 am:

Throughout my childhood I have always felt that I had spirits around me. Recently I had 2 dreams with in a week apart about a spirit or entity that was near me. In my 1st dream this entity somehow paralyzed me from the neck down and I was unable to yell for help. All that I eventually could do was let out a loud and eerie moan. In my 2nd dream there was a man on a bicycle and when he turned to look at me I realized that his eyes were pitch black, when he smiled at me I felt the ground open up below me and when I tried to reach for something I was unable to move. I tried to yell for help, but again all I could do was let out a loud eerie moan. The 3rd incident happened when i was wide awake in a hotel room. I was laying on the bed when all of a sudden i felt a surge of warmth enter the room from a closed window. I need to tell you that the airconditioner was on and the room was cold prior to what was about to happen. Again there was a surge of warmth that entered the room through a closed window and I could feel my hair on my arms stand on end. Suddenly I felt some pressure on my legs then right up through the rest of my body, as if someone had just layed down on top of me. I was the only person in the room. I was unable to move. All of a sudden my arms and my legs began to shake uncontrolably. I could not stop them, I tried to scream for help and again after what seemed like an eternity all I could do was let out a loud eerie moan. When I did that my arms and legs stopped shaking. and I felt as if what ever was on top of me now was getting off of me, but it did not leave the room. I felt its presence standing in front of the room door. I was scared and wanted to leave the room, but I was physically drained and all I could think to say was to tell the entity to please go back to where you came from and I immediately fell asleep. I was not concerned with the 2 dreams, but being awake for the 3rd incident really got me wondering if someone was trying to contact me from beyond.

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