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Catherine on Friday, June 7, 2002 - 04:43 pm:

As a child I saw ghosts, From the time I was in first grade.
While living in NY, we rented a very very old victorian house, doors would open and shut of their own accord. I was afraid to take a bath because often when looking into the bathroom from my room across the hall I would see mist floating across the floor and down the stairs.
Once I came home from school and 4 inches or so of mist covered the entire floor downstairs, it was coming from the stair well. I closed the door at the bottom of the stairs and the mist vanished.
I even had a daily routine when I walked through the house, places I would and would not walk.
My mother concerned about me bought me a kitten to occupy me, the cat would stay with me all the time, even curl around my head at night to sleep. The cat would not enter the bathroom either. He would often hiss at the stair well.
Once my mother and I went out to the old carriage house in the back and found a bunch of old furniture, as we were looking around she opend a drawer and found an old dress... she held it up to me and the "vibe" I got from it was so sickening I vomited on it. She freakd out, brought it inside to wash but never did because it was stained a rust brown color across one shoulder and back.
The day we moved from there was horrible. It was like the house itself was in an uproar, it didnt want us to leave, I remember hearing the moving guys saying to each other they wanted to hurry up and get out of the creapy old place. Just as the truck pulled away, I will remember this forever, I went to find Henry,(the cat), I called and called wandering around the outside of the house. Couldnt find him. I went inside and checked the first floor, then I heard a tap tap tap noise and went to the door of the stairwell, and opened it thinking henery had been trapped upstairs by the moving guys. Tap tap tap I heard, standing there afraid to turn and look up the stairs a small cat ball bounce to my feet, I looked up and there was Henry, laying down on a step halfway up the stairs, only his head was twisted, neck broke and tongue hanging out. The door slamed in my face. I ran out and never went back. I felt like someone was punishing me... saying "So There!!" my punishment for moving.

Often while growing up I have Had "feelings" or "Vibes" about and area or subject. and have been right.
When we moved to VA in my teens, my parents built a new home, within the first year of living there something woke me up in the night, I decided to check the house, I had no fear. I made it half way down the stairway and could not move forward or back, I remember sliding down the wall, crouching on the step. I was scared, it was very black, as there were no lights or windows in the area, the over head light that was usually left on was not. All I could do is sit there, I felt a horrid fear, and great sadness. I cried and cried, there i was half up, half down the stairs. about an hour passed and the feeling left me, I walked up to my room and went to bed. The next day my parents and I were sitting in the living room When I heard a man said to me, "I'm sorry, I did not mean to scare you last night, but what was done had to be." and Just as I saw him walk away from the corner of my eye, my mother said "Sorry for what dear?" looked up and and froze. She Heard it to, as so did my father, we exchanged notes, and found we all had seen a tall tall man in a puffy white long sleve shirt with ruffles and tight black pants and tall black boots long brown hair in a pony tail. I saw him one other time. I heard the front door close and heard footsteps coming down the hall, he passed rigth by where I was siting and gruntd as we brushed shoulders and then went out the back door.
Now now im married and in my late 30's we live in an older home, I have 2 kids 12 and 8 both girls. Our home is about 75+ years old but has not always sat on the lot it is on now it was moved here in the 40's. The basement was new at that time. There is something in the basement. Its just like any other junk filled room that people tend to avoid and not clean. Except there are no spiders, no bugs to speak of.... no dust webs. Now I know that that in its self is a good thing, but its weird. When ever I go down there I feel like there is something crouching, hiding in the darkest corner whispering "GET OUT!", the door at the top of the steps has a small 10 inch by 10 inch one way glass window.. as in your can look out but not in. OFten more times than not I feel as if I am being watched. Icky feeling, bad, negitive, but not threatening. Then my daughter (12 yr old) started refusing to go down to the basement to get her laundry. Stating she didnt like the ghost. Sometimes when I go down I feel like its screaming "GET OUT!" demanding it like I have interrupted or im bothering it, other times its timid afraid whispering "get out" 3 days ago my husband went over to his brothers house late in the evening, the kids were in bed and I was headed that way. At 1:10 in the AM i woke up. my heart was ceased, it hurt, like it was forced to stop beating for a moment. Took me a moment to catch my breath and I noticed looking down the hall way what looked like flickering light from say a TV on in a dark room. Only the light was coming from the basement door window, I got up and wondered over, it stoped. I went around the house check lights and doors, all was quite, when I returned to the hall way the flickering was there again it was bright bright white light. (Note: my huband is re-wireing the basement and there is currently NO working lights down there.) I reached for the door and it stopped. Freaked.., I grabed my Cigs and went out side to smoke. Calming myself. I walked back in to the house, the light was back coming from that small window. I opened the door... the light flickered off from behind the steps and I felt wind rush by my hair an something screaming GET OUT!!! NOW!! I slammed the door shut ran to by bedroom, laid down and proptly went to sleep, sleping so hard in fact I never heard my husband come home.

What is going on with me?

By Shannon ortega on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 - 12:42 am:

I too have seen what I belive to be ghosts, since I was a little girl. As I've gotten older it seems to be more often.

I have recently bought a new house, though the house is not very old, I somehow seem to feel that this particular ghost or entity is somehow linked to my old home.

The things that happen are lights turn on and off doors open and close and I have seen on many occasions what seems to be a child. I don't know who to talk to. If I try to tell my friend's they just laugh, or shrug it off. If anyone knows who I can contact please email me @

I know I am not the only one who sees or feels paranormal activities so I hope someone will help me.

Thank you
Shannon Ortega

By Anonymous on Friday, September 27, 2002 - 04:41 pm:

i also have seen ghosts since i was a little girl and then when i moved into a new house that was only about 25 years old and the person who built it was the only one to live in it besides me, nothing has happened for about a year. but by the next year i was hearing things and getting locked in to rooms that dont lock and then all of a sudden they throw open and the door knob didn't even turn.i've saw ghosts that look like people hanging from trees and then when i get inside they're gone but the rope is still hanging there, a NOOSE! i've also seen just a black shadow type thing walk up and down my hallway by my room. its been happening for about 3 years now almost 4, and it seems im seeing less of them. now it feels like they're completely gone until just a few months ago.
at times it feels like there is something behind me or something whispering in my ear and i feel there breath on the back of my neck and i turn around and its just a dark room with no one there.but i can't sense them as strongly as i used to!
does anybody know whats going on.
please write a message if u do, thanks.

By Anonymous on Sunday, February 16, 2003 - 04:55 pm:

I too have seen ghosts. I have even heard them. One night, in a house in Tennessee. I will give you the address for no reason but it's: 108 Highland St. It's in Ripley, TN 38063. I have seen ghosts there. They have touched me and talked, not to me but I could here them. Well one night, I heard two people in the dining room talking. I was awaken by to people laughing. I got out of my bed and walked to the dining room and turned on the light. Nothing was there but a bunch of cigar smoke. I walked in the kitchen and turned out the light. Then I walked back to the dining room and noticed an antique ash tray looking thing with ashes and a cigar still burning. Then the cigar went out. I close my eyes and screamed and when I opened them back up, and the cigar was gone with a few ashes left behind. I ran back in my room and layed in my bed. Then I heard someone running up and down the stairs. I started to cry, but I didn't. My eyes just watered up. I knew something was in the house. Then all of the doors opened up, and slammed very loud. Everyone got up and went to my moms and stepdads room. I've told people this story before. But I haven't given them the full details. You can email me at to talk some more about this and share your stories. I love to talk about ghosts and things that have happened to me and other people. I just don't like ghosts.

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