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Trevor on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 04:11 am:

First off, I'll let you know, I've been seeing ghosts all my life. Every experience I have is totally different from the last. The latest one, however, is when I was travelling from Ontario to Alberta, and my father and I stopped at a motel for the night near Thunder Bay. While laying on the bed and watching television, around 12:00 - 12:30am, I happened to notice something scurry by in the bathroom mirror in front of my bed. I quickly got up to investigate, thinking I may have uncovered a two-way mirror. I saw a man walk across the bedroom and walked up to the water cooler, and looked at it. Then he looked at the mirror, and walked right up to it so that he was directly in front of me. I thought he was looking at himself in the mirror. It seemed as though my head was in the way somehow, of his view. I'd duck to look at him, but for some reason I just could not focus on his face. Everytime I'd move my head in front of his, it looked like he was behind me. After looking in mirror for about 4 minutes, he left the mirror, and made himself comfortable on the bed, and watched T.V. I got bored of looking at him so I also went to bed. In the morning I went back into the bathroom, to see if the mirror was, in fact, a two-way, and I pulled on the mirror and found myself looking into the bathroom medicine cabinet. Right there I knew that what I saw had been a ghost and that when he was looking in the mirror, he was in fact looking at me, and when he sat on the bed, he was looking at my father sleeping, and watching my television show, while laying in bed with me! I have never seen such a realistic ghost in my life. I can remember everything about this trucker-looking guy in great detail. Everything, of course, except for his face.

If anyone has had a similar experience, or has mistaken a ghost for a human, please let me know!

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