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Jeri hillary on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 10:30 pm:

This is a real true story ,I know because I lived it .My mother and father lived in a 250.000 home new and modern 4 bedroom very nice home in lawrenceville ga. One day my mother decided to take a drive .she said this house guided her there in monticello ga.about an hour and a half drive. she seen this old house . Well she bought it,I found out about 2 days later . she called me and told me that she will show me the house.We pulled in the drive way and I saw this old home, 2 stories ,old paint peeled off, blown glass windows looked like tara from gone with the wind.I went inside, old wooden floors ,paint peeling off the walls, tile missing off the fire places.What a mess! I told her she made a mistake on this house 69.000 mistake the house had 3 bedrooms and 3 bath and 11 rooms but the maid staires and maids bathroom gave me goose bumps. I did not believe in ghost at all,but this house scared me.5 months later my parents and brother moved in .my family helped.2 months later I spent the night because I lived far,The house changed new paint ,floors striped and re-done,fireplaces retiled ,looked like a model home well worth the money,very surprised.I went to bed at 11:30 pm and was woke up at 3:oo am from something that pulled on my big toe almost out of socket woke my son(20) up who was sharing my room
asked him if he pulled my toe he said no went back to bed .At 4:30 he woke me up and asked me if I pulled his toe that was strange.Told my parents that morning and they said we where having a nightmare.We knew that it happened .3 weeks later my mom called me to tell me that the police where at thier house last night.My mom was a manager at a store on the square so she walked to work at 6:00pm ,my father took her dinner to her at 8:30 pm . He told her he would be back, he had to walk the dog.when he turned the corner all the lights in the house where on .My dad ran back to the store and they called the police ,policeman meet my dad there.older black man they went and search the house no one.they where in the upstairs front bedroom when they heard the police siren go off they looked out the window and the police car doors where all open and siren on.the policeman ran out of the house and said that is the weirdest thing and told my dad you need a priest not me and told him that the police will not ever come to this house again for anything to do with the house.Mom also said that strange things were happening like the dog barking at nothing,house keys lost and always outside the door on the left,something cold touched my fathers back when he walked up the maid stairs which he refused to paint or even use again,rocking chair rocked by it self. strange noises ,coffeemaker cord was cut that they bought at a garage sale that dad never fixed and my sister visited 1 day and made coffee when it was not plugged in.mom was freaking out my parents knew that my toe was pulled and didnt tell me the house was haunted .mom said she didnt want to tell anyone because she would never be able to sell the house.Well she sold and moved to florida.We believe in ghost now!!!I pray for those people who bought that home on church st.

By Kitchigi on Sunday, February 3, 2002 - 12:16 am:

i know how your feel. almost. anyway. i go to a school in southern alberta canada, its haunted. janitor committed suicide within' 6 years of its building in 1949 or so. anyway all these weird things happen. nobody will go to the 3rd floor at night. teachers work on 2nd floor that hear the locks rustling like someone walking along and pushing them with their fingers. you know what i mean. anyway... other things like corn cob pipe smoke/smell in the early cold winter morn's. he smoked one. other misc. stuff. there is the room where he committed suicide and hung himself, dark, rikkity stairs, didn't use to be locked, now it is, scared of hell of it cuz i walked in their once, bitch black and stairs leading up.

By Brian on Sunday, February 3, 2002 - 01:12 pm:

i dont see the prob jeri. as long as the "maid" wasnt harming you in any serious way, i mean.

and next time try making your messages UNDERSTANDABLE

By David on Monday, February 4, 2002 - 10:59 am:

WOW! I understood it perfectly! this is a great story.ever think movie,jeri.I felt like I was there.a+ for you and a brave metal for your parents for living there and a bible for the people who live there now.Great story.

By Emily on Thursday, February 7, 2002 - 11:15 pm:

great story. I grew up in a haunted house and at night I would hear the light switches moving because it was old house just about every thing made noise. another time my mom had a friend over who was very perseptive and when she went down the stairs to the basement about five seconds later she ran back out she never went back into the house agin my room was in the basement which seemed to be the only pace in the house that any thing stange happened in also whenever my friends would come over theyd get freaked cuz they heard nioses but after a while they got used to it all the rest of the houses in the area were old and i had a few friends whos houses were haunted too

By Brian on Saturday, February 9, 2002 - 01:33 pm:

ooh, thats a cool story emily.

i don't know about bible david...you don't know if these ghosts are evil or not!

By Anonymous on Monday, March 11, 2002 - 06:12 pm:

Brian, I can only wonder why someone who so obviously finds these stories rediculous would keep returning to the same site?You seem to enjoy making fun of other people and hurting their feelings. Maybe you should search for a site more suited to you'r area of expertise. Perhaps Ass Hole of the month club!

By Anonymous on Saturday, July 27, 2002 - 07:49 pm:

I understand as well. I lived with my grandmother and her house is haunted as well. You can hear a ball bouncing down the stairs,but there is no ball. You see phone cords float in mid air. Downstairs it is very cold and that is where my great aunt died. A couple years ago my grandmother was found on the same spot that my great aunt died and my grandmother almost lost her life. I have also seen a ghost which was a man and I have been told it was my great uncle. My grandmother still lives there. Almost every house she has lived at has been haunted except for the time she lived at a house that my parents use to rent when I was little in 4th grade then she moved down the street from us and she found another haunted house. Now the house she lives at now use to be my great aunt's and that is the house I talked about above. I have a lot of stories. creepy stuff.

By Jonha on Monday, September 2, 2002 - 01:57 am:

Brian, you would understand if you weren't such a pinhead.

By FF2Bme on Friday, September 27, 2002 - 06:31 am:

My name is Fred. My husband and I bought our first home when we were very young. We lived in that home for 10 years. We were the only African american family on that block. It was a big house. We bought the house because it was such a bargain. As we settled into our newly purchased home, strange things started to happen.I was determined nothing or nobody was going to make me move out of out first home. Money missing, cold spots, feelings that someone was there with you but, there is no one there. When we took pictures there was always something else on the picture. My oldest girl told me she saw a little boy in her room. She said she awakened to find a little white boy "just standing there looking at me". I finally introduced myself to my next door nieghbor, whom I saw emptying trash one day. She appologized for not speaking to me, and told me she had vowed not to get involved with whom ever moved into the house.She said she had gone out of way to be helpful to the people that lived in that house, only to be lied on and miss used. I asked why. She told me the people that owned the house before us had second mortaged the house to add on to it. The wife took part of the money and run off with some other guy. She left both children (two little boys), there with their father. The father was a car salesman and couldn't stay home to watch them, so she baby sat with them until he got home. They lied on her for some reason, and they ended up staying by themselves. One day they were playing in the garage, and the oldest put gasoline on the other one and set him on fire. She said she looked out of the patio doors one day to see the grass on fire next door. She called the fire department. They found the youngest kid out there in the burning grass and took him to the hospital. She said that's the last she ever heard of them. She didn't know if the little boy lived or died. I told her he died, and he is still living in "his" home. My husband and I got on bad terms, after we had lived there about 5 years. He seemed to be possesed.We didn't have finanical problems. Never even argued. Nothing. After he left, the electric bill got so high. It was higher that the house note. The strange thing is no one was home most of the day.That's when I noticed it.The print of the little boys head was on my dresser mirror! No matter what I used or what I did it wouldn't come off! I finally moved out of the house after divorce, and into an apartment. One day as I was cleaning I noted it was not there anymore. All of my friends, one at a time at different times, told me about incidents that happened to them when they came to visit with us at the "big house." My children and I lovingly named it. Things like, how dark it remained even when the curtains and blinds were opened. Something cold behind them, or something touched them. My brother said we had "gnomes" in the house, because he had money to come up missing. The last I heard, there have been several families to buy and move into the house, but no one can stay.

By Cindy on Monday, May 12, 2003 - 02:10 pm:

We bought an old farm that the house had once been an inn and dancehall. The main dancehall had been torn off before we moved in. I often felt as if I wasn't alone, but I didn't get the feeling of fear. The house burned and had to be torn down, it was due to human error, not anything else. We built a new home about 75 yards away. One Christmas my husband and I were watching t.v. in our basement, along with two dogs and a cat. Someone walked in our back door, through the kitchen and down the hall to my daughters room. We all heard it and the animals all looked up, too. When I went to see who it was, thinking it was my daughter coming home from shopping, no one was there. A few months later I was standing to the side of my kitchen sink preparing supper when a man in dark clothes walked by my window and looked in. He had a very pale face and very dark eyes and he looked right at me. At first, I thought it was my husband, but when I really looked at him I realized it was no one I knew. I went to the back door to see who it was and of course, no one was there. What was so strange was that both my dogs were sitting on the same porch and not one bit disturbed. At the site of the old farm house my one daughter now has a home. They have heard noises like things being moved and the t.v. has gone on by itself. My eldest daughter has also seen a man on their porch who disappears in front of them. I went inside the house one day to leave their mail and the t.v. was on. They were at work at the time. This happened several times and finally I asked who ever it was, to please not turn the t.v. on when no one was home because it ran up the electric bill. They stopped. However, it did happen a few more times while they were home, my daughter just changed the channel and that was it. I have the feeling of someone with me in our new house most of the time. Once in a while I get a little uneasy, but not really afraid. What puzzles me is, none of the dogs get upset. Maybe they figure whoever it is was here first and they are used to them. I don't know. Any comments?

By Amy on Thursday, October 9, 2003 - 10:51 pm:

Hey! i had an experience when i was in high school.I was with a bunch of my friends and there was a haunted house near our school and my friends made a bet with me to go in that house cause i'm a big believer in ghosts.I went inside the house had not been in use for years look like it was a fire that destroyed it,so i proceed to go in and i heard the creepiest sound in there,I moved along to the kitchen and i saw something flying out of nowhere right near my face,I was spooked right out of my mind,I stood there frozen for at least 2 min without moving just to realize where i was so i ran out of the kitchen and went upstair.Creepy felt cold spots everywhere upstairs in every room,there was 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom,the master bedroom was the creepiest cause i saw a brush going up and down like if someone was brushing there hair tho it was cool.
In the other bedroom it was only cold but freezing
i think that's where the kid was,not sure tho.
And today i have a ghost in my house it's a toddler cause she keeps playing with my kid's toys but the one's with no batteries.It's creepy,now my friend's wont come over cause of my ghost and she's not harmful.
Does anyone now how i can contact her.Cause i like to know y she is here.thanx

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