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Katy T. on Saturday, November 17, 2001 - 07:31 pm:

My father, a very staunch skeptic toward anything paranormal, has always told me, "Strange things seem to follow you..."

I've always tried to come up with some sort of scientific rational for what causes the events: coincidence, trapped air, imagination...but I'm running out of explanations.

When I was in my early teens, I had a daybed with brass knobs. One of those knobs came loose, as metal bedknobs often do, but that's not all... for no apparent reason at all, it would frequently pop off the bedpost, fly across the room, hit the floor, and roll to wherever I happened to be. I kept telling my parents about these incidents. My stories were always regarded as just that... stories. Then there was the usual parental logic, "Oh, Katy, really... you must've unknowingly knocked it off." But it kept happening. Finally, my dad and I were in my bedroom, talking. I was sitting on the floor and Dad was standing over me. Suddenly, we heard a "fwhoomp!" and the bedknob popped off the pole, flew across the room, hit the floor, and rolled across the carpet to my feet. My dad just stood and stared. After a time he finally stated, simply, "Wow. You were right."

He promptly hot-glued the ball back into place and it wasn't long before my daybed was replaced with a different bed.

Little insignificant events like these have happened to me my entire life-- musical toys going off by themselves, whispers, footsteps and music coming from my bedroom and heard by my parents when I was definitely fast asleep... It happens everywhere. The only constant is ME.

Now that I have my own apartment, the most recent occurrence has been in my kitchen just a couple of weeks ago. I was in my living room, watching the news, when my dog started to whine and cock her head as if she was bothered. I heard a low rattling which increased to an obnoxiously loud rattling from my kitchen. I walked into my kitchen to find a cookie sheet atop my stove (I had left it there since the day before), vibrating as if there were a mini-earthquake just within the oven. Nothing else was disturbed. The stove was not on. I touched the cookie sheet and it immediately stopped its vibrations, but it felt warm to the touch. The burner beneath it was stone-cold.

I have had prophetic dreams and premonitions as well...for instance, I predicted something terrible happening to my mother, only to find out that she had nearly been killed in a terrible car accident that very night...but I rarely mention them to anyone I know for fear of being scoffed at by my ever-sensible family and friends. I still can't say that these experiences are "paranormal." A large part of me wants to find some logical reason for these events, but as I mentioned earlier... I'm running out of explanations. Similar events have happened to my father (who is still very skeptical) and to his parents... it seems to be coming from my dad's side of the family.

A close friend of mine believes I have some sort of psychic connection that is evidently inherited from my father. I just don't know what to think. Is this possible?

By Brian on Sunday, December 2, 2001 - 06:15 pm:

my advice: become a beleiver.

so many things cant be explained by logic, and it is just a question of faith.

i agree with your close friend. there are many cases of things like these that just happened to happen to there ancestors, too.

i doubt it mostly, but sometimes i will beleive a little i have some kind of tiny phycic connection. like you said about the whispers, footsteps, ect. lately, i have constantly heard cars drive up in my driveway, TV's being on when i have just turned them on, Phone ringing and more.

im no skeptic, but i have blamed it on my imagination. but the funny thing is, it seems so clear and so real, not like how i normally imagine things. normally when i imagine things, it will be kind-of fuzzy (i hope you know what i mean, cause i cant explain it).

but anyway, these were just so clear. weird.

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