Observation and video tape of a dying Fallen Angel.

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By Devance on Sunday, May 13, 2001 - 01:38 pm:

One day in Oregon many years ago, perhaps seven years ago more or less as I have lost track of time there was a Oregon documentary series that went to various Oregon locals to film interesting spots, I forget what it was called. But later I recognized the footage on TV. It was shot at Winchester Bay looking south and was the final closing shot of that particular airing. It was included because of a interesting cloud\light phenomenon that must have struck the editor as unusual. On the video it looks like a large ruby red spot in the clouds on the left of the screen that turns a dark blood red and then black in a second and a half.
Little did the video crew know what they had documented.
From my vantage point which was directly under it
I saw a pair of aviator sunglasses type of mindlessly egotistical eyes of ruby red glow glaring at me from the clouds and framed by the clouds. The eyes were huge and were seen because of the sunlight coming through various gaps in the cloudy somewhat overcast sky.
Within a split second the Fallen Angel was struck with a astonished expression and was looking at something I couldn't see but was most likely some aspect of it's body it hadn't know about. Then it died and corrupted and vanished. This all took about a second and a half. How did it look corrupted, well it looked rotten and disintergrating in a spiritual manner. I think it died because it over stressed itself somehow as the beings have very little self control or self preservative instincts.
I mention this episode for two reasons. One is the video shows a dying fallen angel which is the only way you want to see one visually or spiritually.
Secondly I thought if anyone was in a position to easily aquire the tape which might still be in the archieves of some Oregon TV station this might be a good thing although you would probably just get a spiritual impression rather than a actual picture.
TV can present an image but an evil spirit can simultaneous communicate its own foul message with an image by a spiriual means. Which explains why the Bible decribes some evil spirits as hopping like frogs around the world eg. satellite broadcasting.

By Tiffany on Sunday, October 13, 2002 - 03:48 pm:

Sorry, but i think you lost me on this...somevideo shows something red, but you can see two eyes looking down at you? And what is this about evil spirits and satellite broadcasting????

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