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JEFF LAYMON on Sunday, February 29, 2004 - 01:21 pm:

This is my first time opening up publicly.so bear with me. My experiences started in 1982 aprox. Iknow you say aprox, well it is astory of confusion and questions not of certainty and answers.As for credability I work for the state of california Department Of Corrections andseek no attention. It all started while camping at the mendota wildlife refuge with my family and another family with whom my family and theres have been friends for alongtime. That first nightme and my two friends saw a circular craft fora long period of time this was no mistake all of us saw it , it was directly over us. Then it was daylight. we walked back to camp quietly not saying aword about it oddly, almost not remembering. Since that day i have encounteredmany craft many biengs four different ones,black helicoptors an implant and a bout with sanity, which i have won? In recent years I have been able too allow my parteners to exsperirnce them with me, ihave so many witnesses that wether or not its real is not even a question. if anyone is interested in my exsperience please write back.

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