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Amberera on Sunday, February 22, 2004 - 11:56 pm:

O.K., I have felt a presence(s) in my house ever since I moved in. I see glimpses of dark shadows out of the corners of my eyes. This typically happens in the upstairs hallway and on the stairs, but it has happened in all the other rooms too. I am not the only person who has felt or glimpsed these phenomena. If you sit in the living room and glance at the stairs you can catch glimpses of something peering around the wall at you. This is not really what upsets me. I can deal with these "sightings". But a friend of mine awhile ago was told that if she put oil on all the entry ways in my home that it would get rid of the presence. I forgot about her doing this until one day I noticed on all of my doorways a little mark of dots that are raised and orangy-red. I thought it was just from the oil she used (thinking she used some sort of cooking oil), she insists that she used oil from rubbing her finger on her face and that she didn't put it on all the doorways--the closet doors, etc. Well now I am worried that these visible orangy-red markings are from the presence and not from the supposed cooking oil. Can anyone tell me if a presence can leave visible markings and if I should be concerned.

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