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Jake Surridge on Wednesday, October 15, 2003 - 10:35 pm:

Hi, my name is Jake Surridge, and i live in Seneca, Missouri. I'm a very open minded person and I would love to believe in ghosts but I've found that the imagination is a powerful thing, and that people should lay off of the hard drugs. What i'm trying to say is grow up and get a life. I have never seen a ghost and i'll bet my soul that i never will. I've met some so called ghosthunters and talked to them and they are a bunch of quacks. People get way to dramatic and it pisses me off. If anyone thinks that they can prove me wrong in what im saying then i welcome your attempt. I dont want a bunch of jibberish nonsense, i want an experience. If you cant give me that then piss off!!!!! My email is

By EvotheK9 on Thursday, October 16, 2003 - 03:55 pm:

I agree with you on so many things.. but on the other hand I"ve had experiences that I have been unable to explain. I would say yes the vast majority of people in the paranormal field are.. uhmm quackish. advancing theories with no basis in reality.. but then there are still things that I can't explain and stuff I"ve seen that fit in with what would be called paranormal.. or even fantasy or the mindless ramblings of old fasioned crazies, or by the apparant majority of the posters here evil and satanic.

By Dave on Friday, October 24, 2003 - 08:40 am:

I don't agree with you Jake. It's means that you only believe in what you realy can see. There are to many people who believes realy everything, that's true, but because of something can't be explained by siencetists isn't a proof that it doesn't exists. Think about this:
They put you back in time.
A few hunderds years ago.
There you will tell siencetists about:
Putting food in a little machine and a few seconds later it's hot! (microwave)
Step into a flying machine and a few hours later you are on the other site of the world.
Dropping a little metal box and a few seconds later there are hundred of thousands people dead. (atomic bomb)
Sending a letter and a few seconds later it arives at the other site of the world (email)
Not to speek of all the other things that are just normal things to us.
What would they do?
They would put you in prison or kill you!
No one would understand you.
They would laugh with you and say you are crazy.

They could never believe you because they just can't understand the things you are saying and they have never seen it.

What I wan't to say is that, it's wrong to say that you only believe in things that you can see and understand or can't be explained.

If you believe in nothing of it, that means that all these million of things that others have seen during ages, is nothing els then just an illusion of our brains or just another simple explaination.
Do you believe that?

For example: I'ts like some people i know and have the same opinion as you do. But if you ask them to spend the night on a graveyard, they are scared. Why? They don't believe in ghost!?

Why could a gost or what you like to call it just not be a sort of energy. Maybe within a few years we will descover a machine that can show and proof that energy.

Another scientific example for you:
Till now we don't have anything to measure the gravitation force. I'ts something we can't see or measure but we just know it's there. What is it? A sort of waves who coms out of every object and pulls on another object? Strange he. Gravitation of the moon make the oceans move. The proof of how strong that force must be. And still we can't see it or measure it!

A black hole (maybe wormhole). Before it was SF; now we know it exists but no one understands it.

And you realy believe there is nothing else than things you can see or feel or wathever.

You must be kidding!

PS: Sorry for the wrighting but i'm not English.

By Austin on Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - 02:42 am:

Hey Jake,
I concur with you about this bunch of jibberish nonsense. As the late Carl Sagan once said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." People will believe what they want. They will see what they want to see. They will hear what they want to hear. That's fine as long as they can differintiate between what is "real" and illusory. For many that can be a problem. They literally want the impossible to be fact without any scientific evidence. They want ghosts to be real as their flesh and blood self. They want certain long extinct lake monsters to exist. They want certain hairy hominids(Bigfoot) to exist. They want the existence of an after-life. They want UFOs to be real. In their minds they are. I myself would love to have an experience with any one of these but I've faced the fact that it won't happen. Unless my five senses have been satisfied thoroughly with the best evidence available which would be a body, dead or alive, an actual e.t. spacecraft, a long drawn out conversation with the dead through visual and audio communication in the presence of reliable witnesses. I'm not asking for very much. If I could obtain this then I would be able to collect the Amazing Randi's long standing offer of $100,000 for the proof of anything paranormal. Maybe one day I and those of my ilk will be proven wrong and eat crow. Chicken preferred. Good luck to all you seekers, believers and skeptics alike.

By Jake Surridge on Monday, May 24, 2004 - 05:39 pm:

Well, its almost been a year since i last wrote any sort of comment on this website, but here i am and i still haven't seen a ghost, been possessed by a demon, or seen anything floating in the air when it shouldnt be. But maybe i should start doing acid. I'm only writing because dave up above made some really braindead assumptions about me that he cannot justify by how i feel, or what my views are concerning ghosts. I dont believe in ghosts, because ive been around the morons that have supposedly seen them and you cant be in a room with them without them hearing footsteps or voices, and even seeing ghosts. It's a joke, and its fun at times, but it gets old real fast. Show me a ghost and ill change my mind. Otherwise dont tell me that i only believe in things that i can see. I dont see you dave, but im sure you excist, physically anyway.

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