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By Tobias on Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 11:35 am:

i have a bunch of spirits "living" or whatever it is they do,in my house.the wort of them is this spirit that hangs out in my bathroom.he has a temper and throws things @ me.i can't actully see him,but i can sense that he is a guy.i think he's left the bathroom once,because i heard footsteps.i'd like to get rid of him because he keeps trying to open the shower curtain while i'm in there,and he likes to look over my shoulder into the mirror.he's not the only one,but he's the only one that shows 'personality'.i am not crazy because my dad was once stopped from entering his room and my grandma was bothered by another spirit.he started out as a small imp-like presence,but now he's human-sized.i catch glimses of shadows out of the corner of my eyes now,which didn't used to happen.i once saw something that might have been a hooded figure sitting by my bed when i was little. there are lots of other oppressive feeling shadows in my house.can anyone give me advice? i don't feel save in my house.btw,does anyone know if ghosts can be affixed to chairs?

By Shuman on Friday, July 11, 2003 - 01:23 am:

An exorcism maybe? How long has this been going on and has anyone been seriously hurt other than being scared out of their wits?

By Tobias on Monday, July 14, 2003 - 06:02 pm:

no one has been hurt.the bathroom spirit has been around for maybe a year.i've always had bad feelings about my house.i don't know how i'd go about an exorcism. no one in my house seems to show any concern about it but friend has an oppressive feeling in her house that has tried to hurt hurt before.she chased it away when she first moved in but now it's back and rather p.o'd.i'm more worried about her than me.

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