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Hannah Newman on Sunday, April 6, 2003 - 05:10 pm:

Hello,Im a 17 year old whos interested in Hauntings mainly in and around the Kansas City area but anywhere in Missouri would be fine. I've had some paranormal experience and have gradually become even more interested in locating sites that are or are "supposedly" haunted. If you or someone you know are aware of a place that may be haunted or if your personal residence is and you wouldnt mind having me come check it out then let me know. My e-mail is Thanks!

By Pablo on Wednesday, August 6, 2003 - 01:25 am:

sometimes i swear my bathroom is haunted, late at night, after everyone is asleep i can still smell something horrible and i know it didn't come from MY ass

By Linda on Sunday, August 17, 2003 - 01:40 am:

I had heard that the old insanasylum in St. Joseph, MO is haunted, and the old mental hospital, where they moved the patients out of in 1997 or 98. They opened up the place to women inmates for a short time, this is when the story I heard about older woman walking around the second floor in a house robe.

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