anyone live in a haunted house? Discussion Forum: General Paranormal Discussions: anyone live in a haunted house?
Bellydancer on Wednesday, February 5, 2003 - 06:30 pm:

I'm 15 and I live near St.Louis, MO and I am really interested in paranormal studies. I(along with one or two other people) want to start my own "investigations" if thats what to call it. really, i just would like to experience something like a "haunting"(<--couldn't think of a beter word) If anyone lives near St.Louis in a haunted house and wouldn't mind a small group of people coming to see- please tell me! even if its such little things as balls of light, or weird feelings...ect would be wonderful.

I'm guessing no one would just love inviting me to their haunted home, but if anyone knows of any places i could investigate, please let me know =)

By John on Saturday, March 29, 2003 - 04:41 pm:

What type of paranormal events are you interested in?

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