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By JanusDragon on Monday, December 23, 2002 - 05:41 pm:

I noticed, that some people have had mention of Ellen Rimbauer and Rose Red. Now I'm not sure if someone's already touched on it, or this is an old topic, but I have the need to rant and rave in regards to "Rose Red".

I feel horrible for bursting bubbles, but to my immediate knowledege, Rose Red is completely and utterly fictional.

I believe they(ABC and the producers,etc.) made use of a marketing ploy, not unlike "The Blair Witch Project". For starters,they apparently made a documentary that was aired (My parents saw it, but I didn't.), the "Ellen Rimbauer" diary, and, if I'm not mistaken, the Beaumont University website ( that they link to on the ABC Rose Red site. If you notice, most colleges and universities employ a .EDU whereas Beaumont University ends in a .NET. Also, if you were to visit the site again, and research it thouroughly, you'd notice that most everything would be under construction. And, if you were to click on all the different departments, they all link back to the 'Paranormal' Department. Or in the case of the programs-All are paranormally related. And a final blow to the website, is there is apparently no credits, or even an email of the webmaster.

The creator,Stephen King, (He also made a cameo as the pizza guy in the movie.) even cites that he was inspired to do a haunted house film in which the house actually built itself.

However,I will admit that he did have a real-life inspiration for Rose Red- The Sarah Winchester House in California. :) Quite possibly one of the most uniquely built houses in the world.

By Anna on Monday, August 4, 2003 - 07:06 am:

I dont mean to be funny or nothin but i think anyone who has a thing for the paranormal would have guessed straight away it wasnt real! For a start they called it a Mocumentry not a documentry and also the woman in all the so called orginal photos of ellen, well ive seen her a about 5 different TV shows!! so forgive me if i feel you are stating the obvious. However as a story, book and film i thought it was excellent! And yes steven kings cameo was very cheesy!! Cant fault the special affects. I give it 10/10

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