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By Clvclqdupw88 on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - 08:46 pm:

I've never posted at this board before, and today is actually my first time ever being here. I'm fascinated by ghosts and the likes, but I've never been in the presence of one, and I don't think I'd like too. Anyway, this post is about something I had seen a couple years back. I'm 18 now, and I was about 11 then. So it had to be around 95 or 94. On to what happened. It was probably about 8 pm, I know it was dark though, I'm not completely sure on the time, and it was summer, or fall. and this took place in my hometown of Niagara Falls, N.Y. I'm trying to see what me and my friends were wearing, but it just isn't coming up. Anyway, me, and 3 of my friends (ricky, chaz, and David) were wrestling outside in Ricky's yard. If anyone lives around the Niagara Falls area, you can see this from my viewpoint to see what I mean when I explain things (its a white house on Haberele Ave. I'm not sure if the spelling is correct, but its between 15th and portage rd. I couldn't go to see the spelling, since I live in Cleveland now.) Anyway, as I was saying, we had been slamming each other around for a little bit. At one point, both chaz and david had been slammed on thier back at the sametime, almost next to each other. Immediatly after they had hit the ground, an expression of astonishment had came over thier face. Its so hard to explain the look they had. They looked so shocked, that it made me and ricky look straight up. What we saw I will never forget, and I'm sure if I was to find those 3, they'd remember it just as good as me. Maybe 100 to 200 ft, flying very low was a large blue triangle. It seemed to hover silently for a 1/100th of a second. Hell, I don't even know if it was that long, but when it was above us, it did not move, or we would have never seen it. It had three large circle impressions in it. The edges of the circles seemed to be grooved and sloped in, I hope you can picture this. The whole craft was blue. But not a blue like I had ever seen before. It seemed to illuminate, or inhale (go out more), then exhale (push in). It never made a sound. It was amazing. This huge aircraft flying so low, but not making no sound. No beep, no vroom, no sound of engines. The most amazing though, there was nothing to propell it. It just hung there for that split second. It was strange though, it seemed once we all got that little glance, it left. NOW THIS IS AMAZING. Maybe just to me. But when that thing left, it is truly unbelievable how fast it was. I will never forget that. Its bringing tears to the eyes as I explain it. It moved from above us without me even seeing it move. I mean I looked into the direction Canada, and the last time I seen it was over downtown Niagara Falls Canada. And then I only saw it for anothere split second and it was gone.
Its hard to explain how fast this thing moved. I highly doubt I will ever see something move that fast again. It was amazing. To be honest, I think it moved faster then what my eyes could percieve. Faster then I could blink my eyes. If that craft moved at lightspeed, then I've seen lightspeed. And to be honest, I don't ever want to see lightspeed again. I don't think anyone should ever see it. I don't know why all this scares me but it does. Anyway, to prove what I'm saying, in terms of speed if you live in the area, go to the place I mentioned and test the directions I had looked. And in a side note, this is something I just thought about now. The craft must have only been able to move in bursts. Because if it was above us for such a short period of time, and moved at speeds I can't describe (i literraly mean that thing moved and was gone from above me, before I was aware of it, and I was looking straight at it), I should have never seen it again.

By Ambrosios Galileo on Saturday, November 30, 2002 - 08:09 pm:

Shit! pretty freaky experience. ill tell ya mine, i dont know what the hell it was but it was freaky all the same.
I live in Australia and my cousins live in queensland. me and ma family all went up there to stay with them for a while, and so did many other relatives, they had rented out a wierd old house that looked nice enough, and we all had a great time until the second night.
me and my brother and cousin were all sleeping in the same room. i eventually fell asleep but only to awake from solf footsteps down the hall, being the age of 7 or 8 i was just asumed it was my grandma getting something to drink, but then the footsteps stoped behind my door, and there was silence for about 20 seconds, i was pretty scared being at a young age and i stared at the door for a matter of moments. then the door swung open with such force that i recon it could have snapped the door in to a million pieces and behind the door there was no one. it just swung open with no one behind it. i just freaked out and froze underneath my sheets and didnt sleep the rest of the night, but thank god there were no other sounds. that would probrably be my freakiest moment.
but my mum and sister used to live in a pretty haunted house, my mums wardrobe used to shake around like a washingmachine around her room and her bed shook violently. her sister got the worst of it though.
one night she was sleeping in bed and a strange old man stood at the door just staring at her. then her entire body went numb then paralized, it started from her feet and spreak to her chest, she recalled that it became difficult to breathe.

so my mothers family has had a haunted history, frankly i want it to happen to me. i would love to study the paranormal and apparitions. oh yeah!

By Christopher Dupre on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 - 12:43 am:

This is to Clvclqdupw88, and yes this reply is a bit delayed, but i'd like to share a childhood memory that I put into the past but in reading your story reminded me of something I saw. And now that I remember it, I'm sort of frightened...
When I was about ten years old I lived in a town called Holland, Massachusettes, right near a town called Sturbridge. One day, I remember it was about dusk when we were driving on a woodsy main road back to our house. My mother was too fixated on the road to be paying attention to the sky. And curious me, always looking around, my eyes fell on a navy-blue colored triangle in the sky, it was about 2-300 feet above the car, making no sound at all. I said to my mother, "Mom, look in the sky!!! Look in the Sky!!! There is a huge triangle!!!" But of course I'm ten years old, what parent would actually look, thinking it wasn't your imagination. It was so creepy, it wasnt stationary, however it was slowly spinning, but I only saw it for a matter of 5-10 seconds. Then it was gone. No one believed me, but I know I saw SOMETHING.

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