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Enryk19 on Saturday, November 9, 2002 - 09:17 pm:

If anyone has a story or information on light road. I would love to hear your story. I myself have seen the erie light and am quite curious to learn more about it.

By Michael Jarvis on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 - 09:02 pm:

My girlfriend and I went on vaction April 17-20 to Charleston, S.C. The whole purpose of our trip was to go on the "walking ghost tours" that are so abundant in Charleston. There was a Motorcycle Heritage Week-end in Charleston, so a motel room in Summerville was as close as I could get to Charleston. The next morning I noticed a Dixie Outfitters store and stopped inside to buy some T-shirts. The owner I started talking and I devulged that I'm a fairly new "ghost hunter". He told me a story about a ghost light that he saw in 1962 when he was a teen. He and some friends went down light road across I-26 and turned around and parked. That was when the light came up behind them, bounced three times, disappeared and reappeared in front of them. They left in a hurry. In 42 years he has not had the nerve to go back. He said that "Light Road" was "the thing to do with friends" back in the 60's and 70's since there was not much to do Summerville then. He told us that if we went to be careful. So what do think happened next? My girlfriend and went to "Light Road" in the day-time to check it out first. It's a long road that is right in the middle of a swamp. I did a little four-wheelin' in my lifted 4wd Dodge Dakota to take advantage of some great mud holes. As far as you can see down the road is one mudhole right after the other. I measured some and found water as deep as 3 feet. It would almost take a "monster" truck to make it down this road. Since I now knew the terrain, I felt much better about going back at night. The last night of our trip we decided to go see what we could find down "Light Road". We left our motel room and arrived on the spooky road about midnight. Before we crossed the interstate, I got a feeling that something was behind me. I felt a little better after we crossed the highway. I drove down the road further and passed a sign that stated "END STATE MAINTENANCE". That's where the road gets rough. I continued driving until we arrived at the first large mud-hole. I immediately backed up and turned around. If something had come up behind us, I did not want to be facind the mud holes. After I turned around, I stopped and put my foot on the brake while still in "drive". I opened up the sliding glass window on the truck so we could see behind us down the dark road. My girl said that we were not going to see anything, but I insisted that we at least stay a few minutes. We did not even have to wait one minute. When I looked back the second time, I saw a yellow light appear above the road about a half mile behind us. I said "look, there it is, there it is, get the (digital) camera ready! She thought it was car headlights coming toward us. That was when she realized that not even my truck could make it down this road. The light started as two yellowish lights so close together that they were touching. They soon joined as one and changed into a single orange light, still coming straight for us. As it got closer, it changed into a square shape and turned red. It did not illuminate the dark night around it, nor did it make any sound. As it closer, I looked into its very center I could see through it. It "bounced" three times and disappeared. Where it stopped was only about 25 feet behind us. I was already getting out of there just as it disappeared. We did not see the light again, but I got a strange feeling that it was following us. My girl also shared that feeling, but we did not want to say anything. When I got back on I-26 toward Charlestown, my girl looked over at me saw a hazy fog right beside me. She said "I'm afraid we brought something with us!". The next part people may or may not believe, but I know what happened to me since I was there when I happened! I replied to her last statement, "no, that's just headlights from somebody tailgating us". I had just gotten the words out when I felt the most intense static electricity that I have ever felt in my life. It is so hard to explain what I felt, but it was like static electricity that was HOT and WITHOUT any goosebumps or chills. It was so severe and felt exactly like something was sitting in my lap while I was driving down I-26. I couldn't hear any thing around me for a few seconds and was experiencing "
tunnel vision", as I could only concentrated on the interstate in front of me. I started praying for God to protect me from whatever it was. I don't know what this spirits intention was, but it was not good. I kept a firm grip on the steering wheel and thought about pulling over on the shoulder. Then, just as quickly as it begun, it stopped. It's strange that when get a chill or "goosebumps" that you feel cold and that most cases when you "feel spirits" that you feel cold. I felt so much heat that I started sweating and I don't sweat easily. Whatever we found down light road probably wants to left alone. I will go back one day. I will not be out-done by a ghost.
We asked several of the locals and strangely, none of them had even heard of "Light Road". That really blew my mind. I guess most people keep their "Light Road" experiences secret.

By Michael Jarvis on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 - 09:04 pm:

E-mail me if you have any ?'s.

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