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Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Friday, September 20, 2002 - 10:59 am:

The first door to one of the great pyramids shafts has been breached, revealing yet another door. Is there a third door there? Yes this left on purpose for an advanced society (namely us) to find one day, like in the book 2001? Is the second door really a cap, or a true door and what may be behind it? And will be ever be able to pierce the second door.

By Dave on Wednesday, September 25, 2002 - 06:52 am:

I think there will be a third door just like the first and second door. After that door there must be found something important. But what? I can't wait to see! When will they open the second door?

By Linden on Wednesday, September 25, 2002 - 09:29 pm:

exciting stuff. i have always wondered at the connection between Moses and the Great Pyramid and the ARk of the covenant. Is the Holy of Holies just the "guts" of the Great Pyramid in the king's chamber? Anyone out there wondered if Star Gate is moe correct than we thought -
Just some thoughts. Linden.

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Friday, September 27, 2002 - 01:56 pm:

A lot of people are speculating whether there is a third and final door there? Some thing the entry point to the shaft itself was the first door though and what we are looking at is door three.

If there is something there it has to be very close because only about 50 feet remains until you touch the edge of the pyramid. UNLESS it curves suddenly like its sister shaft. Now that would blow everyone away if it did that.

By Neferu on Saturday, October 19, 2002 - 12:26 am: Interesting info on another hidden "shaft" seen in the tv special.
Hmmmm, maybe the pyramid was built to keep something in?

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 - 04:02 pm:

The picture enhancement shown really doesn't prove anything? Its a shadow, and even f its not a shadow how in the world would you prove how deep that is? It could be 200 feet or 20 centimeters.

I just don't see any proof to justify that. If someone can give some more proof besides those images then let's talk about it. All I saw on that site was someone saying HEY I MADE A DISCOVERY and some images and really nothing else to back that up.

If we are going by the imaging, then there must be a smaller shaft on the right as well in that shadow. Rediculous.

Need more proof. Please provide

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 - 04:03 pm:

PS...spaeking of Jess Rense, is there anyway to access his past shows anymore? His audio link only seems to head to his current feed.

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 - 04:04 pm:

Whoops...Jeff Rense :)

By Heeru on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 - 09:59 pm:

Ok-n this whole corridor thing started with a BBC Horizon documentary on the Discovery Channel - in 1995 - that is called- 'The Great Pyramid- Gateway to the Stars"- whoever is interested in this can read the book called 'The Orion Mystery" by Adrian Gilbert and Robert Beauvall - these were the 2 guys who , along with Rudolf Gantenbrink were at the time imvestigating the shafts in the King and the Queens chamber in the great pyramid.
If you see the video, you also see Zahi Hawaas, at the time, he was but a secondary figure in the Deptt. of Antiquities- post the documentary, he went on to greater and higher strengths.
The Sept 17 documentary in question was actually well fabricated- investigation does not necessarily require a curtain of ancillary shoots- however, for those who are interested in this- please do check out the original BBc docu and the sites of both men that have been named as authors of the Orion Mystery. Make up your own minds.

By BobtheGoat on Monday, November 4, 2002 - 06:03 pm:

Wait- why havent they opened the 3rd door, is there some reason?

By EAC on Thursday, November 7, 2002 - 09:12 pm:

Perharps they were affraid to drill more holes on both doors (the second door in the south shaft and the first door in the north shaft)?

Now that it's also found, the door in the north shaft should have also been drilled, IF they really wanted to find out what's behind it.

Remember, the last time they find the first door.

Perharps they will delay drilling again for another decade.

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Sunday, November 10, 2002 - 12:56 pm:

Well the robot was not made with a drill bit that far. It is yet to be determined how thick that new rock is. The robot was built to determine the thickness of the block in a way it can not with the new block, etc, etc. They have to research it before they just go drilling again. They have to make sure its thin enough to drill first and then get permission.

By Bleates on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - 06:23 pm:

please send info on robbin hood

By Bleates on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - 06:26 pm:

send info on robbin hood

By Christian Bajada on Monday, November 18, 2002 - 07:08 pm:

I'm also afraid the experiment is postphoned for another decade :( .Well if they mount the robot with saw blades that actually cuts through the stones there may be a dozen doors cause it would be able to pass right through and show a better camera clips rather than the b&w fibre optic shots.

By the way i'm quite sure the link submitted by 'Neferu' is a fake. The final result obtained is impossible.

By Dave on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 - 06:59 am:

Why would there be a 3th door? I don't think so. I think that shaft is just to small to hide a treasure in it. It was made for an other reason. Most logic is that it was made to give fresh ear to the workers in the piramid but i think that the chamber was made and finished during the construction of that piramid-level. Maybe after the Pharao died, they had to bring in the mummie of the king. I suppose they used a certain ritual and it took a couple of hours. Is there enough air in that chamber to stay a couple of hours. I don't know. If this is the reason of there existance, why are they closed with 2 doors (maybe more)?! Maybe just a spiritual answer. Nothing more.

By Dave on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 - 07:04 am:

No, there couldn't be enough fresh air because they had to use fire to give them enoug light in the dark corridors and chamber! And a we all know, fire uses a lot of oxigen! So they needed those shafts for fresh air. But they certainly where made also for another reason.

By Mike on Saturday, November 30, 2002 - 04:19 pm:

Another reason? - why? Air seem like a good enough reason to me.

By Khaku on Sunday, December 1, 2002 - 03:15 pm:

Fresh air doesn't explain why this is the only pyramid with these shafts.

Anyway...what is going on now with the shafts? What is the latest news? Can someone give be a website with the latest news on what is going on?

They should be able to insert a moveable/ rotateable fiber optic camera on the robot so that all corners of the space between the 1st and 2nd door can be examined...why haven't they done that yet?

And why is National Geographic, who has the responsibility of keeping up on this story, totally ignoring it? I can't even get any results on National Geographic website search for "pyramid shaft" and their last article on it is from sept. 22

By Dave on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 06:35 am:

My opinion: Zahi Hawas is a man with a lot of influence in Egypt. He also discovered a lot of things. I think NGC had to pay a lot of money to the Egyption goverment for making that program. As that program was shown in live(??) to a lot of countries at the same time, it is also very good for the tourism(money!) of Egypt. I am almost sure of it that Zahi Hawas knows already for a long time whats behind that second door. It will take another couple of years to reveal the secret of the second door. All because of that small robot who has not the technical possibility at the moment to make a hole in the 2nd door. Bullshit! The longer it takes, the stranger it is; the stranger it is, more money it can make!

About the fresh air... Ok it's the only piramid with those chafts so that theory wa can also put in the trashcan!

By Manuel on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 12:40 pm:

Does someone know if the ways North and South shafts curve could lead to one single chamber?
Or has it to be two different chambers?
Is there some work done to trace relative positions of the Queen Chamber, the shafts, doors accurate locations, etc. in the global volumetry of the whole pyramid? (Say: kind of computer aided graphic display, obtained by coloured points after signal sources to be located by hand at the Chamber and by the robot all positions now reached).
Grateful for some kind of reply in this site!

By Khaku on Monday, December 9, 2002 - 06:15 pm:

good question. Can you give me any up to date shaft websites?

By Manuel on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 - 06:48 am:

Some sites I could find:

By Magyar on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 10:14 pm:

I truly believe that it is a buriel chamber of a pharoah. the egyptians were very brilliant builders; scholars; there is thousands of years of history not recorded even before the wall of the kings. Don't forget there was a fire in the great library of Alexandria which must have contained valuable information-now lost. nothing would suprise me!!!!!!!

By Magyar on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 10:16 pm:

I truly believe that it is a buriel chamber of a pharoah. the egyptians were very brilliant builders; scholars; there is thousands of years of history not recorded even before the wall of the kings. Don't forget there was a fire in the great library of Alexandria which must have contained valuable information-now lost. nothing would suprise me!!!!!!!

By Stephanie Santos on Monday, December 30, 2002 - 11:32 am:

look, I think that whatever we are going to find behind that wall will be big news.I have a feeling that its going to change our view of Egyptian history entirely.
Egyptians were brilliant when it came to science, just look at the way they build the piramids, with perfect precision.
If the piramids were actually really build by Egyptians....

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Friday, January 3, 2003 - 03:34 pm:

I agree. If you look at the technology use, the time used. And look at them relative to us, they were absolutely ahead of us in intelligence in many ways.

By GOD on Tuesday, January 7, 2003 - 10:23 pm:


By Stephanie Santos on Sunday, January 12, 2003 - 01:49 pm:

listen "God", I am not saying that humans are stupid.But it is known that at this moment, we (even with all our technology) are not able to replicate a pyramid with the same precision.
And what I meant was that they might not have been build by Egyptians, it could have been other humans with technology lost to us.
Or it could have been someone else, u never know....

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 03:42 pm:

There is definitely two developemental tracks when you look at Egypt then at us.

Definitely to say we evolved our technology and knowledge in a straight line from them is pretty unbelievable in itself. It doesn't make sense.

Something was LOST, and lost but good. The only question now is why.

By Stephanie on Tuesday, January 21, 2003 - 05:21 pm:

why,is a very good question since the Egyptians were in touch with other cultures.
We should have heard something about this technology they had, you cannot hide great technology from others, someone would have tried to duplicate.

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Thursday, January 23, 2003 - 01:12 pm:

That makes the puzzle even weirder.

Although I may say hiding technology back then is far easier than now.

By Khaku on Saturday, January 25, 2003 - 01:17 pm:

Well you know they say the Egyptians probably formalized the concept of "Gravity" long before Isaac Newton even realized that it existed...But that all that knowledge was lost probably when the Library at Alexandria was burned down.

By Khaled on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 - 05:47 pm:

hi i want the e mail of dr. zahi hawaas

By N gibney on Friday, February 7, 2003 - 05:15 am:

I was wondering about how the builders of the pyramid would communicate, how long would it take overseer A to get a message to overseer B if A was in a inner chamber and B was on a exterior level? A pulley system or maybe small dogs, cats, monkeys, trained to carry messages, requests?
Maybe a primative type of telephone like cans on a string.

By Gio on Monday, February 17, 2003 - 08:16 pm:

Alothough these holes were once thought of as air shaft's i feel they have more to do with the stars in the sky. The theory (which i'm sure many believe) is that if you move the star's back to the time of the building of the pyramid's you will find that these "hole's" point to important star's, following on the idea of the pyramid's being in the exact same formation as Orion's Belt.

By Khaku on Tuesday, February 18, 2003 - 11:06 am:

That doesn't explain the fact that one of the shafts has a 90 degree bend in it.

By Shadow on Friday, February 21, 2003 - 06:32 pm:

Well my experience of being in the kings chamber is first hand. It's a memory I've always had and as far as I can remember the reason for blocking the shaft was simply to block the passage to the stars of the queen whom was 'distrusted' The chamber it leads to is simply a blocked room that is a mock up of the Queens chamber. Cruel I know but then Queens can also be callous. There is another thing that has not yet been proved yet mark my words there are definitely hieroglyphs in the king’s chamber. Why they don't appear to the naked eye I don't know but they are there nonetheless that much I know. Incidentally all these memories were triggered after watching a documentary on the Pyramids and seeing the presenter 'bend down' to enter the chamber. It was this bending down to enter that was the trigger. Interesting huh! Tell me about it, it's haunted me all my life.

By Shadow on Monday, February 24, 2003 - 09:48 am:

I suppose if you spend your life bending over then you've got to expect to take it up the arse once in a while!!!!!

By Stephanie on Sunday, March 2, 2003 - 12:50 pm:

what do you mean distrusted?

By Shadow on Monday, March 10, 2003 - 12:34 am:

To the person who used my username 'Shadow' to post a blatent insult about my post which was neither funny nor clever. May the curse of Amun find it's way to you! Everyone else please ignore the post.

By Raymond Mayotte on Thursday, March 13, 2003 - 05:00 pm:

I have always been mystified why Khufu's tomb was empty, and like others wondered what those small shafts were for. Around 1996 I started a vampire novel - 'KHUFU' The Legendary Immortal - which I never finsihed until the year 2000. In the novel I used both the empty tomb and the shafts in the great pyramid. Since that time there has been much ado about the shafts. Who knows? Maybe my novel has the right idea. Check out my site - SHADOWS OF THE MACABRE - at

By Daria Johnson on Saturday, March 15, 2003 - 12:35 pm:

My theory goes alng with Egyptian beliefs... the egyptians believed that their eternal souls needed to escape from the pyramid to get to their after life... possibly the shaft was built for the king's soul to escape through.

By MercuryCrest on Monday, March 17, 2003 - 05:52 pm:

There is no good reason to delay the opening of the next door. I suspect that this is a ruse. There is a lot of info out there that has been supressed and I simply feel that there is no way in hell that we will know what's behind that door unless someone else knows (and ok's the infos release) first. Remember, we don't want to shake the foundations of science and/or egyptology or anything...

By Shadow on Friday, March 21, 2003 - 09:49 am:

Stephanie asked what I meant in my post about distrust. That is just what I sensed, which were probably remenants of the thought paterns of those who first journeyed there in that chamber, and is also confirmed by the shafts in the queens chamber being blocked. I have also sinced looked at pictures taken in the kings chamber and I don't believe the stone sarcophagus is in its original position as I remember it. I suspect this has been moved for a reason, but can't think what that reason might be except to prevent further travel by the same soul to the same destination. Could be to prevent history repeating itself perhaps. I also have the vague notion that there was a need to make a stamp by building the pyramids. At best I would say that this was to gain favour with the Gods over other civilisations or parts of the world.

By Toby on Monday, March 24, 2003 - 12:23 pm:

alot of these theories make alot of sense.the treasure idea is really nifty,and the theory of it being there to hold something 'in' is rather 'The Mummy'.let's just hope it's not those freaky bugs!The spirit portal is feasable,but why would it get closed off? some hyroglyphics and ruins have pictures that seem to suggest the egyptians using something other than fire to light the area they were working in.maybe it was for the extension cord??

By Stephanie on Friday, March 28, 2003 - 01:52 pm:

when are they planning to open it anyway?

By Queen on Saturday, April 5, 2003 - 08:38 pm:

In the site , when i look i cannot see evidence of the "hole" in the bottom left corner of the shaft. I believe that there is a third door. There is an entrance where they had large blocks to keep looters out, and there were three. Why wouldn't they use three again¿?

I don't think these chambers lead outside. It would be a heartbreak to go through these doors and discover the chambers simply lead to the outside. If that was true, what would be the purpose of the blocks¿? I think there is a treasure behind those doors. If not, it may be another chamber. If that is the case, i wonder if the kings chamber is really a decoy and his body is still there in this undiscovered place. This is probably unlikely and the body was taken by the looters. I really hope they get permission to open it soon.

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Monday, April 7, 2003 - 12:36 pm:

Ok let's assume that all these shafts were were symbolic links to specific stars which they point to.

Let's just go with that assumption. What would be the purpose of blocking stones?

Obviously one would be needed to keep sediment out and the shaft clear. What would the purpose of another stone be? If indeed this is another moveable stone.

By Maxime Babin Lavoie on Monday, April 7, 2003 - 01:59 pm:

I am very interested in Dr. Zahi Hawass reseach & I am looking for his e-mail. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me.

By Mike in ClevelandOh on Friday, May 9, 2003 - 10:19 am:

I think the the ancient pyrimads are empty buildings that housed a power source used by an advanced ancient civilization.My reason for saying this is that the Sphinx has water runoff marks dating to the end of the last ice age.I have also seen what appears to be a spark plug-like object encrusted in solid rock!Maybe these ancient people destroyed each other by trusting and not controlling there technology?

By Shadow on Friday, May 9, 2003 - 08:23 pm:

Consider this: The kings chamber uses natural interstellar energy lines and the Cheops pyramid was in the past an ancient transporter. The person to be sent is placed in the "king's
chamber" inside such a pyramid. On another planet there is a similar pyramid
with the same height. It's important that the height of these 2 pyramids be
the same because the pyramid height sets the frequency emitted from the pyramid
at a higher energyplane. When the Earth passed through the interstellar
energyline between, for example, the Sun and Sirius, the person inside the
pyramid was raised 1 energyplane. The person was then sent along the energyline
to the Sirius system. On one of the Sirian planets was a pyramid with the
same height as the Cheops pyramid. When this pyramid crossed the energyline
between Sirius and the Sun, the person dematerialized inside the Sirian
pyramid. It was possible to send the etherical and higher bodies laying the
physical body behind. It's rumoured that the pharohs before they died laid
down in the Kings chamber. When the etherical body separated from the physical
body during the death process, this body was synchronized with the cosmic
frequency inside the pyramid and was sent out through hyperspace. This was
insurance that the pharoh's soul would reincarnate in another place in the
galaxy and not return to Earth. The Cheops pyramid was constructed with
Earth/Sirius communication in mind. The pharoh was therefore sent to the
Sirius system.

By Avjamnd07 on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - 03:22 pm:


By Avjamnd07 on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - 03:26 pm:

LOOK ON BACK FOR PYRAMID (takes alot of thinking to come up with my theory)

By Stephanie on Friday, May 23, 2003 - 06:02 pm:

Has anyone thought of the possibility that there might be a secret door in the other pyramids or just only this one and why?

By Khaku on Sunday, May 25, 2003 - 02:47 pm:

I think the shafts merely connect the various burial chambers....So that the souls could travel from room to room...But of course it would be up to the soul themselves whether they wanted to open the door of their chamber to the other souls...that's the reason for 2 doors.

The shaft pointing at stars does not make sense because some of the shafts have 90 degree bends in them.

By Blievr on Sunday, June 15, 2003 - 03:50 pm:

When this shaft is breached the proof of extra-terrestrial life will be given.They have visited earth long ago and made civilisations like the maya,the aztecs,the inca,the sumerians and the egyptians as great as they have been.All this civilisations had an incredible knowledge of our solar system and the universe they knew about al the planets in our solar system.Something that we have achieved the last two centuries.The sumerians also talk about "the annunaki" wich means "those who came down to earth.Can it be more clearer????
They said that the annunaki came from another planet.The inca god "quetsecoatl" came down from a iron ship!There are also egyptian hieroglyphs that talk about creatures who came down.This is only a smal fraction of facts that proof extraterestrial life.Why would all those civilisations make up this??Some people will consider this as rediculous but facts are facts.People are affraid for the truth they don't want to believe.

By Dave on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 - 09:14 am:

The greatest disaster for our history was the burning of the Great Library in Alexandria. Many questions would be answered if we still reach all information of that library. IF as many of us believe, they will descover a 'secret' after the 2nd door, (a secret that could shock the world!), I think they will keep it a secret! I'm sure that Mr. Zahi Hawas already knew what was behind the first door before they brought the opening live on NGC (TV).

By Dave on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 - 09:32 am:

Has anyone asked himself already this:

That shaft is only 20/20cms big. Very small! After these doors there must be a much bigger shaft or room. Why? If the build that piramid, they had to make the shaft layer by layer. As you can see on the pictures, the door have some iron bars. I think that is an system to open and close the doors. But it is only possible from the other side. The side where is a bigger room or shaft that must be big enough for a human body. So they could open and close the doors from that side. It would be stupid to provide these doors by a system of iron bars for NO reason. So it is clear that there IS another room or bigger shaft behind. Still the questions are: Why 2 (or more) doors? What is the purpose of these doors? The Egyptions wouldn't make special doors like that for nothing! So there must be something very special behind the doors. I hope it wasn't just made for a religious meaning!

By Dave on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 - 09:40 am:

I forgot to tell something i the message before.
That room or bigger shaft i'm talking about is made in earlier layers. This is the reason why they have to close the doors by the other side. After the layers of that smalls shaft where already finished. Still there must be a way out on the other side. If you think in the way of building by layers, it's much easier to try to understand what could be behind the doors.

By Khaku on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 09:52 pm:

Does anybody know if they have set a date when they are going to open the second door???????????

By Shadow on Tuesday, July 1, 2003 - 06:21 am:

OK someone's playing with my head. I did not post the message by Shadow on Friday, May 9, 2003 - 08:23 pm:
Although I must say I would have wanted to have posted the message as it rings as true as a right angle. Again as mentioned previously I speak from a memory of traveling along the said energy line to the Sirian system. Oddly enough I can't remember what happened 'after' leaving the earth plane appart from a vague recollection of duality, i.e. as above so below. The journey was very quick and similar to sci-fi depictions of traveling through worm holes. However as I mentioned before the sarcophagus is not in the same position as I remember. This may mean it was purposly moved to prevent further travel. Also I don't remember being in the sarcophagus, but rather on it. For some reason I also remember a sexual encounter in the chamber and really soothing music in the background. Some posts have mentioned extra-terrestrial nature of the early egyptian Pharaos. I can't say this for sure but I do have a very very vague memory of having to abandon a previous civilisation (on another planet) because of some sort of threat.

By Dave on Thursday, July 3, 2003 - 06:25 am:

Shadow, I can't understand your explaination. Maybe because english is not my language but still you speak very vague. Did you really had an encounter? I strongly believe that the Egyptians had their knowledge from another civilisation. Maybe Atlantis? And that civilisation had their knowdledge direct or indirect from extra-terrestrial civilisation. The Egyption Gods where nothing else than certain links to extra-terrestrial lifeforms or the Atlantis civilisation.

By Khaku on Sunday, July 6, 2003 - 11:14 am:

I figured out where Atlantis is: It's burried under the sand in the middle east, Egypt or Saudi Arabia or somewhere there, deep under the sand.

By Dave on Monday, July 7, 2003 - 06:24 am:

Khaku, where did you found this info?

By Khaku on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 - 09:51 pm:

My brain

By Shadow on Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 02:16 pm:

In answer to Dave's question yes I really did have an encounter. Although for all I know it may not have happened yet. I say this because one thing I do recall is that I was aware there was an civilisation with advanced technology. I'm not sure whether I was going to that civilisation ie our time, or coming from ie having died here. I do get a sense that Egypt in some way communicated with the Gods and promised comfort and riches in return for knowledge of existing in a greater civilation. The building of the pyramid being the promise to ensure safe passage of the Pharao back home. Whether that home was physical in the sense that we know it, I do not know.

By Khaku on Saturday, July 12, 2003 - 11:47 am: we are:
Stories of lost cities burried under the sand....

By Alrt on Tuesday, July 22, 2003 - 12:36 pm:

Northern QC shaft... ummm....

By Khaku on Thursday, July 24, 2003 - 09:57 pm:

They were looking on the outside of the pyramid for a hole where the shaft might go out.
Any news on that?

Nice picture of the shaft by the way. That shaft is too well built and the walls are too nice and smooth for the shaft to be unimportant to the egyptians.

By Khaku on Saturday, July 26, 2003 - 10:21 am:


I've figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shafts are just that! Shafts!

Or more precisely, Ventilation Shafts:
for bringing in cool breezes from a central ventilation power plant located below the Pyramid.

By Bret on Monday, July 28, 2003 - 11:16 pm:

i think it is just a curve that keeps going around and eventually leads to another world within our world maybe we are a world within a world...strange theory but possible

By Bret on Monday, July 28, 2003 - 11:49 pm:

or it could be maybe the egyptians DIDNT build them. maybe a civilization long before the egyptians were there ther is another entrance to the chamber if there really is a chamber the entrance would be a tunnel from atlantis to there i have no clue im not even thinking about it i am just getting chills...its like i KNOW whats behind there or what was. any way so when atlantis dissapearedthey were allies with the civilization that was there before egyptians.there was a tunnel to and from atlantis in the chamber. when atlantis dissapeared part of the chamber collapsed and the king and other important people rushed to the pyramid only to be trapped but there was a way out the shaftand another door. as someone said the chamber at the end of the shaft could have levers that opened and close the "doors" aliens invaded the civilization before the egyptians and that was the safe chamber...aliens i beleive can transform shape and size. so the shaft would be to block out aliens from getting in and another door only the civilization and the atantians knew about but they didnt survive, the aliens found a way in. the egyptians later came and took credit for the pyramids and praised the gods for letting them stumble upon it.there is something behind that door.hiding it awaymaybe aliens maybe something far worse... i really think i know things about the earth...aliens monsters all that stuff and i dont know why or how.i feel like i want to find these things out for a fact.i am young too. chupacabras i KNOW exist ive heard friend threw a bottle into te woods and we started hearing screeches like nothing we head before...scary things g on that we dont know about and its about time we found out

By Khaku on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 - 12:51 pm:

Nice theory....

In any case, the actual reason for building the shafts still remains a HUGE MYSTERY!

You'd think that if these shafts were built as an after-life passageway, that there'd be shafts all over the damned place in Egypt...But there aren't...

So IMO the theory of the shafts being built as a passage to the afterlife is totally discredited.

It was built for other mysterious reasons.

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Wednesday, July 30, 2003 - 09:45 pm:

I had a thought that the Queens chamber might have originally been met for torture, or a kind of ritualistic death. In so, the chamber should have been sealed and then flooded with anything.

However, seeing they did not complete the QC they may have decided against this.

IN ANY EVENT, anyone have any news or a website on them doing nay further investigation on this. Seems kinds hush hush. Someone must be doing some prep.
Can't find a word.

By Khaku on Thursday, July 31, 2003 - 12:10 am:

You mean they (ancients egyptians) decided not to continue the shaft?

By Elak Swindell on Monday, August 4, 2003 - 09:34 pm:

Will there be a third door behind the second? Possible, but probably unlikely. It doesn't sound logical for the original Annunaki builders of the Great Pyramid (not the Egyptians, they inherited the three structures) would make a continual puzzle shaft, door after door, without a singular purpose. Air to workers, maybe. But many answers to construction methods are explained in both Graham Handcock's fantastic book, Fingerprints of the Gods, and also in Erich von Daniken's, The Eyes of the Sphinx. Egyptologists want the world to believe that the well carried for citizens of the Egypt built the pyramids. Not true. Because of various water erosion marks on them, the Sphinx and surrounding landscape, the Pyramids and the Sphinx had to have been constructed around or a bit after 30,000 BC, when the Nile area was lush with plantlife and rain fell in regular seasonal intervals. Also, the so-called "quarry pits" nearby the Pyramids was not used for their construction either, but for other purposes. The Pyramids' blocks were literally molded in their positions using a very advanced technique of concrete manufacturing. Here is the evidence from von Daniken's book: "In 1889, the Egyptologist C.E. Wilbour found a stele covered with hieroglyphics on the tiny Nile island of Sehel, north of Aswan. ... The experts agree that the the heiroglyphs on the famous "famine stele" date to the era of the Ptolemies (around 300 BC), although the text itself recounts a time one thousand years earlier. Of the 26,000 hieroglyphs found on the stele, 650 describe the manufacture of artifical stone. It is said that Khnum, the ancient Egyptian god of creation (aka Enki), imparted this knowledge to Pharaoh Djoser (2609-2590 BC), the builder of the first pyramid, in a dream. ...Khnum dictacted a list of 29 minerals and various natural chemicals to the pharaoh and also showed him the naturally occurring binding agents needed to fuse the artifical stone together. Djoser created the step pyramid of Saqqara. ... By adding the combined minerals and chemicals, Djoser (as well as Imhotep, who was also shown the way to make the cement in a dream) obtained a quick-drying cement with the molecular structure of natural stone. ... Computers calculated that the Khafre Pyramid alone contained several million liters of water. Professor Davidovits concluded: "The blocks are artificial." (Pgs. 143-145)

With this information in mind, the Gantenbrink shafts were probably supply conduits for workers making the building blocks. Why the doors? Only time will tell when they are broken open.

The Great Pyramids were used as store houses of knowledge from the older Annuna rulers that started civilization in Mesopotamia and Sumeria well before the Great Flood (pre-36,000 BC). There is not just three chambers in the Great Pyramid, it is a literally labyrinth of rooms. Why doesn't the world know about this then? Because the Egyptologists don't like their views squashed. And they were back 1987. "Japanese researchers at Weseda University in Tokyo stepped up their efforts to examine the pyramid. They had already tested a kind of radar device which could practically x-ray various rock formations - granite, limestone and sandstone. ... The Japanese, always brilliant in the electronic sector and equipped with superb mobile instruments and computers, x-rayed the corridor leading to the Queen's Chamber itself, the King's Chamber above, the entire area south of the Great Pyramid, and finally the Sphinx and its surroundings. What did they find? I will make it brief: The Japanese researchers discovered unmistakable evidence that there is an entire labyrinth(!) of corridors and chambers lurking inside the Great Pyramid."

So, think about what the fantastic possibilities that await open-minded investigators who finally decide to crack open the second door in the Gantenbrink shaft. Untold and unknown technology of advanced proportions from the ancient Annuna, waiting for the right people to discover once again. If the pyramid is so jam-packed with corridors and chambers, how come no doors have been discovered, you ask? That was the whole point. Since these rooms clearly contain important materials and archival knowledge of a true ancestry, unaltered by religious organizations and world rulers throughout the thousands of years, the rooms had to be literally sealed away so only those with minds open to shareing the knowledge with the world would discover them. There is probably some technological devices keeping them locked in a way as well. In short, the Egyptologists are scared. They don't want their entire life-long careers to be destroy, so they have made it their life-long ambition to keep the rooms sealed and secret. Jerks. Will the second door be opened anytime soon? Probably not. Time will tell.

By Khaku on Wednesday, August 6, 2003 - 01:42 am:

I think PARASEEK ADMIN is correct....There is alot of Hush Hush....Surely it'll come on the Tv by x-mas or so...But will it be the REAL shaft or not (cue Twillight Zone music).

By Khaku on Saturday, August 9, 2003 - 07:23 pm:

And why SO MUCH BLOODY HUSH HUSH??????????!!!!!!!

If they are wanting to put it on TV does that REALLY mean there has to be a TOTAL MEDIA BAN BLACKOUT VOID on the story?

By Khaku on Saturday, August 9, 2003 - 07:53 pm:

National Geographic seems to have made the pictures they had of the shaft in their previous stories somewhat more clear and brighter.

These shaft ar TOO WELL BUILT to be unimportant.
And it seems the Northern Shaft twists and turns in order to avoid the Pyramid's Grand Gallery.

I say again, these shafts are too well thought out to be unimportant to the Egyptians.

Here's the link to NG's old stories:

If you look at the picture in the below-mentioned photo gallery, there seems to be some sort or writting on the ceiling of the south shaft in front of the door....Can anyone else please confirm that they see that...thanks)

(photo gallery at top of story)

(movie at top of story)

By Kendal on Tuesday, August 19, 2003 - 02:06 pm:

I believe the pyramid holds soemthing very impotant to the ancients. I think it has soemthing to do with the religion, something with the gods and I belive that 3 was a sacred number or any number that had to do with 3. There could be 9 doors for all we know. But I also believe that it will a great effect on us espically those who still believe in the ancient gods.

By Dave on Monday, August 25, 2003 - 10:04 am:

Khaku, indeed there are strange markings on the ceiling of the shaft. It is certainly not natural. But what is it? Writing? As Elak Swindell says, these blocks of the piramids are not natural stones. Unpossible to built a piramid so big like these within 70 years only with natural rocks and only handwork. They used preformed wooden boxes to make these bloks with concrete. Only the top layer of the piramid is (was) natural.

By A26 on Friday, September 12, 2003 - 12:11 pm:

I wonder when they're finally going to digg between the legs of the Sphinx. They know there's a chamber but nobody gets permision to go and see. Maybe the same thing's happening here. Maybe some powers don't want us to find out (yet?).

By Migsy on Monday, September 15, 2003 - 12:47 am:

There is too much Govt. red tape and 'Protectors of the Truth" that will keep hidden, what answers and revelations these great pyramids hide. My feeling is that the truth will remain hidden by the various authorities and under no circumstances revealed due to the repercussions, "the TRUTH" will have on religious/history as we know it. The truth has always been out there for those who choose to seek and accept it.
Ask yourself, do you seriously believe that out of the whole universe there is only one planet that is capable of producing and maintaining intelligent life? If there was intelligent life , would you not be concerned of what humans are doing to "Mother Earth" and its inhabitants ? Nuclear Bombs, Wars & disease are only the begining of Human Nature's curiousity, someone(s) needs to look out for us and are.....
The TRUTH will be revealed but only when you are ready.....

By Stephen on Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 01:19 pm:


Represent the two SILVER CORDS of the deceased pharoah which connect his:

[1] Ba soul (or etheric body) to his ka soul (or astral body) and finally his...

[2] Ka soul (again the astral body) to his khu or star soul (the higher 'light body') which now, as a star, will forever reside in the Orion constellation ruled over by Osiris, the Star King.

By Dave on Wednesday, October 1, 2003 - 06:35 am:

Silver Cords. OK, maybe but why not in the other piramids??

By Malkie on Saturday, October 25, 2003 - 11:03 am:

I'm a really big freak when it comes to Egypt, and this whole pyramid shaft thing is interesting, to say the least. I don't think there is any sort of lost artifact or some religious revalation waiting behind the door. I think it was simply a route for the king's soul to escape into the afterlife. They wanted to be sure that the king, as a living god, would make it to the afterlife. Hence, the shafts. They also wanted to make it so that the ka and the ba were able to return to the body and reanimate it.
And that's my opinion ^_^

By Christian Bajada on Saturday, October 25, 2003 - 01:48 pm:

I think the pharaoh when building the pyramids told them... i just wanna put sum rap'in it, and thus he told em, build da shafts so i'd confuse the other homies... and so it was done...

By Aislin on Thursday, October 30, 2003 - 09:22 am:

I think its more than that, it couldnt just be a route for thr pharaoh's soul, if im right they have never found a body of the pharaoh in the piramide itself. Why build a huge chamber for yourself if your not gonna use it?

By Paraseek Webmaster (Admin) on Wednesday, November 5, 2003 - 02:01 pm:

His body was stolen along with almost all valuable artifacts. No mystery there.

By Dave on Friday, November 14, 2003 - 09:30 am:

Maybe they build the shafts so after they closed and sealed the piramid, they could still drop some offers (or other things) in it.

By Nikola on Monday, November 24, 2003 - 01:32 pm:

Say Monty, what's behind Door Number Three? Could it be
a new theory? Or is it just a new History Channel special?
"Educated" guesses are just that. Theories abound, but the
real answers need to have a new paradigm in place to see
them. Research well, my young Skywalker.

By Khaku on Saturday, November 29, 2003 - 03:07 pm:

Please read before you post.

We have already established that it cannot be just passages for travel of the soul because these shafts are unique to the Great Pyramid.

By Silvershadow on Saturday, January 10, 2004 - 06:11 pm:

"I think it was simply a route for the king's soul to escape into the afterlife. They wanted to be sure that the king, as a living god, would make it to the afterlife. Hence, the shafts."

Agreed and Khaku how exactly has it been established that the passages were not for the travel of the pharaohs soul? If there is a dual purpose it is one of ventilation and alignment with the stars nothing more. There is a reason for the queens shaft being blocked but I doubt the real reason will never be discovered.

Like I've mentioned in a previous post I have first hand experience of using the kings chamber to transport my soul to the sirian system. The design of the pyramid has the effect of amplifying the life force energy of the pharaoh to the effect of not only allowing the ba and ka to part from the physical body but also of concentrating and focusing enough energy to transport the pharaoh to the star system. The Cheops pyramid is NOT A TOMB but a teleportation device. This was known by the builders and is the reason there are no inscriptions claiming ownership on it. The stone Sarcophagus did not house a body but was merely used as a platform for the pharaoh to lie on. Also it is not currently in the correct position either. There is another point which I like noted here and which might one day be discovered and that is that although the kings chamber appears blank there are actually writings in the kings chamber which appear when the energetic frequency reaches travel potency. Again as I recall these writings were there to aid and remind the pharaoh in his journey to the afterworld. I don't know how these special hieroglyphs were written and how they are only revealed just before the soul of the pharaoh is transported to the star system but they are there nonetheless and you never know one day they might be discovered. As I recall the writings appeared golden in colour.

By Dave on Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 10:08 am:

As we all know, the most important thing of ancien Egyptians was their afterlife. Much more important then being alive. From birth till dead they where busy with their Gods. Before a new king was born, they begun already with the construction of his grave. For that reason we could say that those shafts have something to do with their gods and afterlife. The shafts could be a passage for the soul but if the piramid was not a grave for the king, then this theory isn't correct. I think there's only one men (and it's team) who knows the real purpose of these shafts and that man is Zahi Hawass. But why is he waiting to reveal the secret? Maybe because there just nothing behind these doors OR there something behind that would shock the world. God would know! I can't wait to know.

By Aislin on Monday, February 9, 2004 - 02:48 pm:

if its really something that would shock the world we will never know about it, they will just keep it a secret, im sure they have done it before. You know to prevent "masspanic".

By Cheeseman on Friday, February 20, 2004 - 02:36 pm:

When the first door was removed, did you really expect to see a second door? No, probably not. Then why do you think there's going to be a third door? I'm not saying there is or isn't, but just because it happened the first time, doesn't mean it will happen the second.

By Scott Tbag on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 11:42 am:

Honestly, in my opinion, if they drill through the second door of the chamber, there is a very good likelyhood that they will find the actual ballots that were supposed to be used in Floridas primary. Thus eliminating any doubt or a need for a recount.

By Ice on Friday, April 2, 2004 - 12:14 am:

Why not just break the wall and get it over with. Not every door has a key. I know that it sounds crazy, but would'nt that answer the questions everybody is looking for...

By Khaku on Monday, April 26, 2004 - 12:18 am:



By Alexai on Saturday, May 29, 2004 - 06:35 am:

Ok, 1st time poster... Now they say that the body was taken by looters from the Pyramid before we ever got to it...but in actuality we were the ones in the 1830's to 1st open the pyramid...the block that was covering the entrance was of a harder stone and was undisturbed whenever they excavated...therefore if noone had been past that door since it was sealed by whomever did so....then how did looters get inside and steal the body and artifacts? Simple the pyramid was never used as a tomb... I mean in most of the tomb-used pyramids there's an abundance of writing and stories to guide the pharoah into the afterlife...none are present at Giza...Only conclusion...and Childress, Hatcher, and Sitchin have theories that the Giza structures had a purpose that is currently unknown.

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